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A Vault In Ruin

A Vault In Ruin

Bunny is back! Following the fall of Vault 54 in the first series, our detective wakes up with her home in shambles, and The Enclave trying to get in. Bunny has one more shot to make things right; though this time, with Vault 54's drunken radio announcer, Dusty, and the newly appointed Overseer, Grant Custer. Will she stop The Enclave from breaking in? And will she ever see Walter again? Stay tuned.

CAST: Bunny - Amy Harris Dusty - Matthew Schroeder (MrMattyPlays): Overseer Custer - SpazzyW: Marty Carlone - Brenden Southerland Tom Morelli - Ezra Dufala Guards/Looters/Citizens - Jake Goldfarb, Ezra Dufala


True Vault Escapades Ep 5: War Never Changes

True Vault Escapades Ep 5: War Never Changes

So it's all come to this... The killings of Bill 54 supporters, including the recent and vague death of Doctor Shane Daniels proves the impending undoing of Vault 54 and everyone in it! But there's still work to be done. With no clue of who's behind the murder spree, Walter and Bunny continue to look for answers. But not even Nick Valentine could predict who, or what happens next in the epic finale of "True Vault Escapades"!

Series created & written by: Preston Hardin

Art by: Michael Yeakley

New to the series? Here's my playlist of the original series on YouTube!

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