This guide is designed to help walk you through the series pointing out important story moments along the way.  It is designed to point out those episodes that affect the story or contain discussions that are relevant to the development of Fleet's character.

  • Chapter 6 - Part 1

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Wakes up in a strange place with different gear, lost time and lost memories
    * Reports strange dreams of Sithis, recurring theme of "burn it down"
    * Has gone up two levels from 27-29
    * Understands the nature of Mercer and Karliah
    * Sees vision of a dwemer ruin and is compelled to go there
    * Becomes more agressive toward those who stand between him and his goals
    * Reveal of the name Cimmerian for the first time
    * Discussion of Fleet's disfigurement by Mercer, right eye

  • Chapter 6 - Part 2

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Discussion of Fleet's psychological profile
    * Discussion of Fleet's near death experience and the void beyond
    * Discussion of how the psychological profile system works
    * Tries to make sense of lost time by notes in his journal

  • Chapter 6 - Part 3

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Flashback of Mage College
    * Fleet finds the strange place from his visions
    * Whisper inside his head repeats Cimmerian
    * Accepts that he is Cimmerian and commits his soul to Sithis
    * Finds strange garb, the gifts of Sithis
    * Has vision of Karliah and comes to understand her role in his survival
    * Discussion of CW philosophy on Assassin Character Types
    * Discussion of dagger has holy weapon and the role of swords in the future
    * Journal entry considering the experience on the mountain and his title Cimmerian
    * Discussion of Episode 50 Viewer Contracts

  • Chapter 6 - Part 4

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Discussion of the reveal of his new armor and the cerimony around it
    * Discussion of his title "Cimmerian", view of himself as a religious figure
    * Cimmerian, Dark Priest of Sithis
    * Starts using an eye patch
    * Travels to Mage college, cleans up and makes second transformation, Fleet 3.0
    * Mention of ritual hair style
    * Recovers gear at Mage College

  • Chapter 6 - Part 5

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Retraces steps to Winterhold and meets Enthir
    * Disussion of Fleet's views on the leadership of the Dark Brotherhood
    * Mission to "Remake" the Dark Brotherhood, reconnecting with Sithis
    * Waking vision of a book and a location called the Cimeliarch
    * "I look to the black void for guidence and am shown the sun."
    * Vision of the Midden, introduction of "The Eagle's Nest" book
    * Discussion of Targets for episode 50 "Night of Dark Blades"
    * Clears Broken Fang Cave
    * Discussion of Vampires and Fleet's killing code

  • Chapter 6 - Part 6

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Viewer Assassinations
    * Fleet kills Zaria

  • Chapter 6 - Part 7

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Introduction of "The Cimmerian Doctrines"
    * Cimmerian Doctrine on the topic of "Trust" and the benefits of observation and prediction
    * Stealth entry into Markarth to meet with Muiri and complete contract
    * Pays bounty of 1040 gold
    * Infiltrates Calcelmo
    * Makes his first sword

  • Chapter 6 - Part 8

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Cimmerian Doctrine on the topic of "Fear", enemy enraged is dangerous while an enemy in fear can be controlled
    * Discussion of Astrid as speaker and her lack of spiritual perspective
    * "Darkness Rises When Silence Dies" Fleet becomes Listener, declared so by Cicero
    * Discussion of the goals of Fleet and Cicero
    * Discussion of conflict between the Night Mother's orders and Astrids conflicting orders
    * Decides to establish his own lair in the event of a split in the Dark Brotherhood

  • Chapter 7 - Part 1

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Journal entry reacting to becoming the Listener
    * Begins to speak of "Long Sight" and his goal to rebuild the Brotherhood
    * First mentions of open conflict with Astrid and the divide within the organization
    * Begins to train with two weapon fighting
    * Cimmerian Doctrine on the topic of "Deception"

  • Chapter 7 - Part 2

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Follows the clues to the Eagle's Nest or Cimiliarch
    * Letter to Astrid - Sends updated copies of the Tenets to the Sanctuary with a threatening letter
    * Asserts authority as Listener
    * Journal Entry on the Vampire threat, speaks again of the death of Adrianne and considers the Dawn Guard
    * Expresses his view of the heresy of vampire's immortality "War of Reclamation"
    * Cimmerian Doctrine on the topic of "War"

  • Chapter 7 - Part 3

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Building the Cimiliarch or "Ministry of Murder"
    * Tour of the Ministry and meeting the staff
    * Letter to Sentian - Written by Cimmerian to Sentian threatening him if he continues to attempt to kill Fleet
    * The first sign of Cimmerian as an independent personality
    * Connection is made between attacks on Fleet and Sentian
    * Determines he must clear out Bleak Falls Barrow to protect the Cimiliarch from bandits

  • Chapter 7 - Part 4

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Fleet attacks Bleak Falls Barrow
    * Discussion of Fleet's view on vampires and the idea of character evolution and change over time
    * Discussion of CW philosophy on mod recommendations
    * Discussion of Sneak Perk spending

  • Chapter 7 - Part 5

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * New Intro and increase in production values
    * Journal Entry - Jarl Balgruuf and the circumstances of Fleet's arrest
    * Discussion of Balgruuf's gambit to get Fleet's help with the dragons
    * Fleet is tossed in prison in Whiterun
    * Journal Entry - Meeting Nephae
    * Nephae is mistrustful of Fleet at first and shares a cell with him
    * Nephae's Journal - Describes attempted rape by another prisoner and her view of Fleet meditation
    * Fleet sees potential in Nephae as aprentice
    * Fleet bargins for her freedom with Jarl Balgruuf and she is released into his protection
    * Discussion of CW philosphy on introduction of followers into the story
    * Fleet fights his first dragon and consumes its soul
    * Discussion of Nephae's technical setup
    * Takes on Lydia as a follower

  • Chapter 7 - Part 6

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Journal Entry - Late back to the sanctuary, talking of Nephae's test, expresses mistrust of Lydia and Nephae
    * The dead eye, Fleet's lost eye taken by Sithis
    * Travels with Nephae and Lydia to Silent Moons camp for Nephae's first Assassin test
    * Travels to Morthal to complete contract
    * Nephae demonstrates ability as an assassin
    * Discussion of Role Playing an apprentice relationship
    * Discussion of mod Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT)
    * Nephae's Journal - Expressions of gratitude to Fleet for her freedom and her attitude toward and fear of Fleet
    * Fleet kills Lurbuk and leaves him lying dead in the back room of the inn

  • Chapter 7 - Part 7

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Fleet returns to Silent Moons camp to rejoin Lydia and Nephae
    * They hunt a dragon together
    * Cimmerian speaks of his dragon power and his plans for the vampires
    * Fleet searches mountain top for second Phoenix Assassin burial site
    * Team stops off for the night in Broken Fang Cave
    * Fleet upgrades gear for Nephae and Lydia
    * Important assassination of the vampires at Half Moon Mill are a warning to vampires
    * Cimmerian show boats by making a stand-up challenge to Hern and nearly dies in the process
    * Leaves his calling card on the door

  • Chapter 8 - Part 1

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Conflict with Astrid over contract from the Night Mother
    * Prays in the chapel of the Night Mother
    * Feels that the contract with Motierre is a secret message from Sithis
    * Discussion of the maturing nature of Fleet and his evolution into a master strategist
    * Nephae's Journal - compains about being alone at the Cimmiliarch, she makes observations about his ability as a fighter, tactician and religious figure
    * Meets with Amaund Motierre
    * Receives a letter for Astrid and an amulet to pay for it

  • Chapter 8 - Part 2

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Cimmerian sees an opportunity to wield influence in government by blackmailing Amaund Motierre
    * Discussion of Fleet's strategy in taking the contract to assassinate the emperor
    * Sets objective to play for power and influence to give the Dark Brotherhood room to grow
    * Discussion of next steps for the thieves guild
    * Discussion of Fleet's views on being the dragonborn
    * Fleet attributes the abilities of the dragonborn to the gifts of Sithis, Fleet views the things that happen to him as the will of Sithis
    * Discussion of the complexity of character and Fleet's ability and need to change during the story.
    * Stories are about character growth and change

  • Chapter 8 - Part 3

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Nephae Journal Entry - She becomes impatient with sitting around the Cimmiliarch, we learn about Nephae's background with the bandits and her hatred for the bandits at White River Watch and she resolves to attack them and believes that Cimmerian will be proud of her
    * We see the story from the perspective of Nephae for the first time
    * Nephae is seen using spells
    * Discussion of telling Fleet's story from the perspective of other characters
    * Fleet returns to Winterhold to meeting with Karliah and Enthir
    * Full scope of Mercer's treachery is revealed
    * Nightingales are revealed for the first time
    * Discussion of wether or not Fleet would open the letter to Astrid

  • Chapter 8 - Part 4

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Story of the disappearance of Nephae to pursue Hajvarr Iron-Hand
    * Fleet rides to to Honningbrew to ask about her location
    * Fleet admires her spirit but questions Nephae's judgement
    * Fleet kills everyone in White River Watch
    * First time we see Fleet wield two swords
    * Fleet considers the difference between a killer and an assassin
    * Show great anger at Nephae but also concern
    * Fleet displays leadership and fatherly wisdom
    * Discussion of Fleet reading the letter to Astrid, the letter lays out the full plan for setting the stage and killing the emperor, the letter refers to someone known only as "The Leader" who is assumed to be the emperor
    * Astrid accepts the contract and sends Fleet to Riften to check out the Amulet
    * Discover a connection between Delvin and the Dark Brotherhood

  • Chapter 8 - Part 5

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Letter from Lydia to Jarl Balgruuf - Lydia is reporting Fleet's movements to the Jarl, she warns the Jarl to careful not to cross Fleet and warns of his violet potential
    * Fleet punishes Nephae by taking her gear and making here stand at attention all night
    * Nephae's Journal - She describes being frightened of Fleet and comes to the realization that he is angry with her
    * Fleet appears to sleep with the tavern maid at Dead Man's Drink
    * Discussion of Fleet's reaction to Nephae's disobedience and his use of the Cimmerian doctrine, Fleet plays upon her pride to shame her as a motivational tool
    * Nephae is forced to work at the stables in Riften
    * Nephae is forced to work at the orphanage
    * Fleet is seen donating money to the orphanage
    * Fleet returns to the Thieves Guild and talks to Delvin reveals his connection to the Dark Brotherhood
    * The owner of the amulet was a member of the Elder Council

  • Chapter 8 - Part 6

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Speaks of headaches attributed to his injured eye
    * Fleet shows admiration for Lydia but questions her loyalty
    * Fleet escorts Karliah to the Guild and the betrayal is revealed to the guild
    * Fleet begins to understand more about the Nightingales
    * Fleet infiltrates Mercer's home looking for clues to his location
    * There is a flashback to Fleet's experience in prison and describes how the experience prepared his heart for Sithis
    * We here the first reference to the "vessel" and Fleet finds power in the darkness, "My Savior Darkness"
    * Fleet speaks with Brynolf and Karliah about killing Mercer and entry into the Nightingales
    * Fleet agrees to meet them at the Sanctuary of the Nightingales

  • Chapter 8 - Part 7

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Fleet fights his third dragon outside the gates of Riften
    * Fleet meets Brynolf and Karliah at the headquarters of the Nightingales
    * Fleet learns more about the secret organization included who they pay homage to
    * Fleet hessitates to take the armor
    * Fleet regects the Nightingales feeling it would be blasphamy to allow any entity other than Sithis to access his soul
    * Fleet's headaches get worse and the visions come stronger and more often
    * We begin to see Fleet beginning to sense that there is someone or something else in his head with him
    * Fleet shows prideful reluctance to show weakness in from of Lydia and Nephae
    * Praying to Sithis takes the pain away and he removes the patch
    * Fleet makes his way though Avanchnzel guided by Sithis

  • Chapter 8 - Part 8

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Fleet completes his journey through Avanchnzel guided by Sithis
    * Discussion of Fleets regection of the Nightingales and his beliefs about the gods
    * Fleet views the Aedra and Daedra with some contempt
    * Discussion of the Creation Myth, Fleet believes that the gods are not gods but entities created by Sithis and nothing more
    * Fleet has a particular disgust for Daedra because they mess with people's lives and have the ability to manifest in the real world.
    * Fleet views the Daedra as childish and useless
    * Fleet objects to tying his soul to Nocturnal
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Sithis wanted him to return the Lexicon? Why did Sithis want him at Avanchnzel?
    * Fleet shows admiration for Dwemer construction
    * Fleet finds additional gifts of Sithis, two matching swords

  • Chapter 9 - Part 1

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Sets out on his own for Iverstaad sending his followers home
    * Hears of a haunted barrow near town and decides to investigate as a distraction to take his mind off other things
    * Discussion of swords found in the last part of Chapter 8
    * Discussion of the various quests Fleet is involved with and how that will affect his state of mind
    * Unlocks the mystery of Shrouded Hearth Barrow

  • Chapter 9 - Part 2

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Offers to deliver supplies to High Hrothgar for Klimmek
    * Climbs 7000 steps
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Fleet meets Valfar
    * Meets the Gray Beards
    * Learns some shouts and about the way of the voice
    * Is attacked by Miraak cultists on the streets of Ivarstaad
    * Discovers that Valfar is able to use the voice

  • Chapter 9 - Part 3

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Valfar Journal Entry - Expresses respect for Fleet and vows to safeguard the Dragonborn
    * Discussion of Amazing Follower Tweaks Mod (AFT)
    * Fleet attacks Valthiem Towers on the way to Whiterun
    * Discussion of Illusion magic spell mods, perks and techniques, Fleet reaches high enough level to be effective. We discuss the concept of "displacement" or "Figment" magic and a style of game play that uses "Figment" magic to keep enemies off balance
    * Letter from Lydia to Jarl Balgruff - Lydia expresses her anger over Thalmor in Whiterun and changes her allegience to Fleet refusing to work for the Jarl any longer.
    * Purchases spells from Farengar
    * Brenuin turns Fleet in to the Thalmor to make some extra money becoming an informant for the Altmeri Dominion
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Lydia meets Fleet in Whiterun and warns of Thalmor presence in Whiterun Nephae passed the information on to Lydia that Fleet is in danger and arrangements are made to fight their way out of the city
    * Thalmor attempt to arrest Fleet in the market place, Fleet's followers demonstrate how deadly they are
    * Fleet rewards Nephae's good work by returning her armor and weapons
    * Discussion of Fleet's noteriety and how it will affect his tactics
    * Take Nephae into the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary for the first time

  • Chapter 9 - Part 4

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Acquires contract to kill Vitoria Vici
    * Fleet and Nephae meditate at the shrine of Sithis
    * Discussion of who Fleet really is and his real mission. Discussion of his sinister or dark side
    * Nephae Journal Entry - Expresses gratitude for return of gear and being back in his good graces, She expresses how committed she is to Fleet and how the other are as well
    * The team travels together to Dead Man's Respite and sets up camp, Fleet is drawn by the call of a Word Wall
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Talks about the call of the Word Walls and how they may save him from Miraak
    * Enters the barrow to find the wall that is calling to him and brings Lydia with him
    * Valfar follows them into the barrow unexpectedly
    * Discussion of Solitude and Fleet's interest in the Bard's College library

  • Chapter 9 - Part 5

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Team attacks Fort Snowhawk
    * Discussion of Mixed Unit Tactics Mod
    * Discussion of group combat tactics
    * Team travels to Solitude

  • Chapter 9 - Part 6

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Visits the bards college and joins
    * Hands Olaf's Verse to Viarmo to buy his way into the library
    * Searches the college library looking for information on Sithis, Deadra, creation myth etc.
    * Determines he much spend more time in the mage college to learn more about these topics
    * Delivers Finn's lute
    * Steals some clothing from the college to create a disguise and travels to the blue palace
    * Works with Viarmo to convince the Jarl to reinstate the Burning of Olaf
    * Discussion of Fleet as an artistic person
    * Saturday Night Fever cut scene in this episode!

  • Chapter 9 - Part 7

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Infiltrates the wedding diguised as a Solitude guard
    * Assassinates Vitoria Vici
    * Thalmor ambush Fleet and team outside Solitude - Lydia, Nephae, Valfar
    * Includes first cinematic battle
    * Nephae Journal Entry - Describes the escape from Solitude
    * First Flashback - Little feather gets into trouble in Castle Gray shooting torch bugs and catching fish in the garden, steals food in the kitchen, pickpockets the chef Emil, takes two Daedric daggers from the armory, and is caught by a guard
    * Team attacks Robber's Gorge
    * Discussion of cinematics
    * Discussion of Character and Characterization
    * Discussion of Plot - Who is Fleet and what is to become of his soul. This style of storytelling is rich in visual and audio but weak in dialogue
    * Returns to Sanctuary, takes mission to assassinate Gaius Maro

  • Chapter 9 - Part 8

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Assassin's Battle Cry - honoring the memory of Vitoria Vici
    * Nephae Journal Entry - Describes the aftermath of the battle at Solitude. Fleet believes he is being hunted by the Thalmor and reveals to Nephae and Lydia that he is Dragonborn
    * Team travels in disguise to throw off the Thalmor, traveling as merchants
    * Letter to Astrid - Check for Astrid containing new uniforms for members of the Brotherhood. Makes threats about being followed
    * Fleet and Nephae fight Thalmor on the road
    * Second Flashback - First look at Sentian and we see Fleet confined to his room under guard
    * Travels to Dragonbridge and infiltrates the Penitus Oculatus to obtain the travel schedule of Gaius Maro

  • Chapter 9 - Part 9

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Cut Scene - First Vision of Sithis
    * Valfar and Lydia arrive at Robber's Gorge camp
    * Valfar and Fleet travel to Ustengrav and Nephae and Lydia travel to Whiterun
    * Discussion of Valfar's views on his responsibility to the Dragonborn
    * Travel to Ustengrav
    * Discussion of reasons for attacking Gaius Maro in Whiterun, he makes a statement to Balgruff by killing Maro in Whiterun
    * Encounter with vision of Sithis in Ustengrav
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Review of previous Journal entry, describes feelings and instinct that change is coming.
    * Describes "The Awakening Darkness" - Cimmerian, as an entity is about to be born
    * Discussion of Characterization - True Dimension in a character is more than traits but complexity, examples of dimension in characters
    * Discussion of Fleet as both spritual and blasphemous, brave and cowardly, lucid and confused, compulsive and rash, ruthless and compassionate
    * Discussion of Fleet's childlike pursuit of his destiny
    * Discussion of longer episodes
    * Cut Scene - Second Vision of Sithis

  • Chapter 10 - Part 1

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Valfar Journal Entry - Describes the events of Ustengrav, indicates he did not see what attacked Fleet
    * Cut Scene - Sithis Speaks - The origin of the Heart of Smoke, the Heart of Smoke protects the Cimmerian, "The Fate of this Age is yours to shape". Sithis indicates that it does not "see" piety
    * Discussion of the reasons for eliminating Gaius Maro and his strategy
    * Discussion of Nocturnal and the ramifications of the Heart of Smoke
    * Travel to Whiterun
    * Kills Gaius Maro on the steps of Dragon's Reach and plant incriminating letter, leaves ego signature in the door of dragons reach
    * First time we hear the voice of Cimmerian
    * This is a very public execution of an imperial official, uses his name as thane to escape the guards
    * Discussion of Balgruuf's difficult political situation
    * Discussion of transition to Fleet 4.0 and what it means, Fleet is more than just the listener but is also the Dragonborn which means stepping away from a completely grim look
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Fleet interprets his encounter with Sithis, show understanding of the gift of Sithis and the sacrifice it requires, talks about saving others from having to make the same sacrifices he has
    * Cicero attempts to kill Astrid and runs away
    * Fleet is assigned to go after Cicero but secretly supports Cicero's point of view
    * Discussion of conflict between Fleet and Astrid

  • Chapter 10 - Part 2

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * The arrival of Shadowmere
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Revelations and situation with Cicero, Fleet show sympathy for Cicero and sees Cicero as essential to maintaining the Night Mother, sees Astrid as a fair weather follower of the tennets
    * Attacks Thalmor on the road
    * Fleet Journal Entry - Speaks of Valfar's frustration at not being able to protect him, questions how he has been treating his followers
    * Valfar makes a cloak and hood for Fleet
    * Discussion of conflict with Astrid and the difference in their philosophy, why saving Cicero is the right thing to do
    * Switches to Shadowmere as steed
    * Tracks Cicero to Dawnstar Sanctuary
    * Fleet spares Cicero
    * Travels back to Whiterun
    * Discussion of message from Sithis, giving Cimmerian the freedom to act by protecting his soul
    * Meets with Olava the Feeble and has his future read, she sees the Dawnstar Sanctuary, Deepwood Redout and the Assassin of Old

  • Chapter 10 - Part 3

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Discussion of Convenient Horses
    * Discussion of the Ancient Assassin's Armor and the ritual of transition on the character Journey
    * Discussion of Sithis and his influence in Mundus and what this means for Fleet, why did Sithis take steps to protect the Soul of Fleet and how does it help Fleet fight the influence of the Daedric Princes
    * Fleet performs a ritual to prepare for his attack on Deepwood Redout, he goes back to basics
    * Cut Scene - Fleet prepares for battle and we hear Cimmerian's voice again
    * Fleet recognizes that his mission is to bring balance between Order and Chaos and that there cannot be one without the other - Fleet passes into memory and Cimmerian is born
    * Discussion of Fleet going to a more sword focused fighting style
    * Fleet steals the heart of the Briar Heart Warrior
    * Vision of Sithis prior to getting the Ancient Armor
    * Fleet gets armor and we have our first After Show on 4.0 transition