This guide is designed to help walk you through the series pointing out important story moments along the way.  It is designed to point out those episodes that affect the story or contain discussions that are relevant to the development of Fleet's character.

  • Chapter 11 - Part 1

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Beginning of Act 3
    * Cimmerian Journal Entry - Talks about transformation, ancient Dark Brotherhood armor and going on the offensive against the Thalmor. Valfar is given the assignment of making the battle against the Thalmor is primary objective
    * Fleet transforms into Fleet 4.0 - Cimmerian
    * Encounters Cultists of Miraak after leaving Hags End
    * Discussion of new gear
    * Discussion of game setup and load order
    * Letter to Karliah - Fleet accepts the gifts of the Nightingales knowing his soul is protected by Sithis
    * Runs down a guard in Rorikstaad and gets a bounty
    * Reports back to Astrid and tells her cicero is dead, receives mission to kill Gourmet
    * Receives three new missions from Nazir
    * Fleet gets tossed in jail pays bounty

  • Chapter 11 - Part 2

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Spots target Ma'randru Jo in Whiterun and decides to kill him and Anoriath
    * Kills Anoriath at is front door after dark
    * Discussion of Fleet's new sense of confidance driven by purpose
    * Discussion of chaos and Fleet's methods
    * Kills Ma'randru Jo
    * First use of map views to show activities in other areas
    * Introduction of Miravel and Tish
    * Miravel Journal Entry - Hired by the Thalmor to hunt Cimmerian, Ancano brokers the deal
    * Nephae Journal Entry - Followers notice the change in Fleet, they meet and he gives his team missions. Valfar goes to find the Thalmor, Nephae is off to find the shrine of Boethiah and Fleet goes to Riften
    * Nephae and Lydia head to Windhelm to find the location of the shrine
    * Discussion of map cut scenes and their function
    * Flashback of Fleet as a young man meeting with Linwe and we see Nephae as a child observe the meeting
    * Returns to Brynolf and Karliah to accept the offer of Nocturnal
    * Discovers Mercer's crime, learns about the Skeleton Key and is asked to become the Guild Master

  • Chapter 11 - Part 3

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Cimmerian Journal Entry - Fleet meets the spirit of Lucien Lachance, he talks about keeping the Daedric Princes in check by killing their followers and taking their items to keep them from interupting his plans. Lucien tells him of the "Vault", a secret place to hide the powerful items he will collect
    * Offers to help the Orc Stronghold of Largashbur
    * Heads back to Riverwood to investigate The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
    * Valfar Journal Entry - Sets the strategy for attacking the Thalmor holding the border near Falkreath
    * Discussion of creating mods to support the story
    * Fleet and Valfar attack the Thalmor together
    * First quest mod integration
    * Discussion of Malacath
    * Discussion of leaving behind the ego signature, how the signature transformed from a calling card to a warning

  • Chapter 11 - Part 4

    Story Milestones in this episode:
    * Returns to Riverwood, meets Delphine and recovers the horn of Jurgen Windcaller
    * Nephae meets with Sadri and gets information about the cult
    * Nephae meets Pellandri for the first time at the Corner Club. Pellandri tells her of an encounter with the begger Brenuin and that the Thalmor are paying people for information on the activities of the Dragonborn. Brenuin is revealed as the betrayer in Whiterun
    * Nephae murders a man in Windhelm who is assaulting Dunmer citizens, she kills the man with a sanctified arrow
    * Lydia and Nephae are attacked by vampires on the way to the Shrine and Lydia secretly contracts the vampire virus
    * Nephae Scouts the shrine
    * Nephae Journal Entry - Recon of the shrine and those dwelling there
    * Fleet travels to Kynesgrove and meets up with Nephae and Lydia, together with Dephine they kill a dragon
    * Delphine tells feel of a party taking place at the Thalmor Embassy
    * Fleet attacks the cult of Boethiah and speaks to the Daedric Prince. He begins to hatch a plan to acquire the gifts of Boethiah
    * Fleet attacks bandits and takes over their hideout
    * Discussion of Journal format
    * The first episode with dialogue!!!
    * Fleet speaks of healing Skyrim and instructs Nephae to capture Brenuin