The sun sank quickly below the horizon as the docks began to empty and the taverns began to fill. It was always the same, bust-ass all day and drink your wages away all night. This night however would not be like all the others, this night would be the night that a troll from the Continent would gain infamy.

“Watch out! Jinjin comin’ through!” Came a voice from the doorway. Jinjin was an island troll and a force unto himself. Big, strong, and fairly oblivious to those around him, Jinjin was known to step on peoples’ feet, knock them aside, and even sit on them as he rarely looked at a seat to see if it was occupied before using it. When Jinjin strolled in he found a chair near the roasting spit at the center of the room, the occupant quickly scrambling to get out of it before nearly 400 pounds of island troll came down upon him, and sat down.

The tavern, as usual, was packed, smoky, noisy, and full of the most unsavory of sorts. It wasn’t long before tempers and liquor started to mix; so far, a night like any other. It wasn’t long before a fight broke out. The insults must’ve been of the highest caliber this night as the brawl heated up fast. Soon the whole tavern was jumping like cold water on a hot greasy skillet.

As punches were soon not enough, chairs began to come crashing down, and then, from somewhere, a pot of water was hurled through the air towards the center of the room. The pot hit the hearth of the fire pit and bounced into it, dowsing the flames. Up until now, Jinjin was content to let the brawl wear itself out, as no one had yet challenged him. But now he was wet and worse yet, the spit, and the lamb it held, was knocked off its posts. It landed in the now wet ashes and then bounced out of the pit and onto the floor at Jinjin’s feet. Jinjin was really looking forward to that leg of lamb.

With an ear to a pouch that he wore around his neck, Jinjin nodded his head and simply said, “Yep.”

The tavern went silent as Jinjin stood up, roaring in anger, flipping the table as he did. The crowd parted, leaving a sole individual standing in the open alone, and in unison pointed to him. What happened next happened quickly and is a bit unclear, varying slightly from person to person. Although the tavern was fairly dark at this point, due to the center fire being put out as well as several lamps having been broken earlier, witnesses claim, quite assuredly, that the man pulled a sabre from his hip and rushed Jinjin. He swung his blade, knocking Jinjin down and severing his arm as he did so. 

Jinjin, the witnesses say, then picked himself up off the floor, grabbed the man and flung him to the floor near the now dark fire pit. As the man hit the ground, Jinjin bent over, picked up his own arm and began beating the man with it! After a minute or more, Jinjin stopped, held his severed arm to his shoulder, and walked out of the tavern. The assailant was dead.

One man, who was at the door when Jinjin left, swears to this day that he saw Jinjin actually take a bite out if his own arm as he walked out. 

The next day rumors began to spread of Jinjin “the arm-thumper”. Jinjin has yet to deny nor confirm the events of that night; and no one has yet found the courage to ask him about it.