Have you ever wanted to role play a smuggler? Now you can!  Use the many waterways of Skyrim to quietly transport your Skooma to your waiting clientele. Imperial soldiers will be non-the-wiser as your invaluable skooma bobs down river under cover of darkness, slipping past the authorities and those who might try to muscle in on your business.

This mod allows you to craft small barrels that you can fill with contraband and float down any river in Skyrim!  I created this mod for myself and for The 5 Fables story on YouTube as a fun way to role play a smuggler in Skyrim.  This mod allows you to create a container that is not only a movable static but also buoyant and will float when dropped in the water.

Barrels can be crafted at any forge with corundum, firewood and a petty soul gem.  The barrels are added to the player inventory as miscellaneous items and when you are ready use them, simply drop them on the ground and fill them with anything you wish to smuggle.  Once full, you can drop them off a bridge, roll them down hill into the raging rapids or quietly slip them over the side of your boat.  Smuggler's Barrels will follow the current down stream and can be fished out of the river at any time to recover your loot.

Smugglers Barrels have all been covered in pitch and painted black for maximum concealment and night-time work.  A soul gem is used during crafting, imbuing them with magic that makes them impervious to damage when plunging over Skyrim's many picturesque waterfalls and are completely water tight!  No matter how rough the rapids, fear not, your product will be safe inside the Smuggler's Barrel.

Each barrel has been emblazoned with a "Death's Head" emblem to let your competitors, or anyone else who stumbles across one of your barrels, know that to mess with your product, is to mess with you and shall certainly end in a gruesome death!

Jaxonz Positioner - This mod will allow you to tweak portions of the river bank if your barrels are getting stuck.
Become a Skooma Drug Lord - Skooming Skyrim - This mod is great for role play and will make you feel like a skoom smuggling boss!
Sewers of Skyrim - Use this extensive sewer system to smuggle your product in and out of major cities in Skyrim.

I have not yet figured out how to place a barrel back into inventory.  If you wish to get rid of barrels I recommend using the console to do so.  Open the console, select the barrel you wish to remove and type "disable" into the console window.

I recommend using a mod manager for installation.  This mod includes a custom mesh, texture, script and .esp file.

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