Levels: 12-19

Attributes: Invested 2/3 in Health & 1/3 in Magika

Perks: Two-handed, Blocking, Light Armor & Restoration

Difficulty: Legendary


The theme of these play sessions was friends and followers.  In the spirit of the Circles of Character Conflict, I tried to think about his place in society and what his relationships might be with others given his strange upbringing.   

The personal - Raydien is at war with himself. He is socially awkward due to his solitary upbringing but understands he needs to connect with people to further his mission.  His principal problem is his inability to empathize properly with others.  He tries but has little context about how to act or what to say and these experiences make him feel inadequate and strange.

The Interpersonal - Raydien often appears unemotional or as if he is not listening but in fact he simply does not know what is appropriate.  His friends often think of him as  cold and aloof but he has to work very hard just to seem human to others.

Societal - Raydien is a good citizen who strives to follow the rules.  He understands right and wrong and will always endeavor to do the right thing.  This is an area where he has not yet been truly tested.


There were no updates to his foundation story during this session.



Raydien returned to Whiterun having completed his visit to Falkreath.  The meeting with his father is not something he would openly admit was profound but deep inside it was.  Looking upon the face of a father he had never met before would shake anyone, they key has been trying to find out how it would impact Raydien specifically.

As soon as he arrived back in the city he went to the house of the dead to meditate.  During his meditation he saw a vision of a huge tree on a hill with an ethereal heart floating above it.  After completing his meditation he went outside to behold the Gilder Green. Fill with thoughts of what his purpose is he chose to enter the temple and spoke to the priestess once again about restoring the tree.

He focused on this quest very specifically and worked to make restoration of the tree a reality.  He has formed a bond with the priestess and while he is not a worshiper of Kyne, he is curious about these gods and their connection to the gods of his homeland. 

Recovering Nettlebane from Orphan Rock went well but during the mission he encountered the Beacon of Meridia.  The Daedric Prince spoke to him and while her demands made him uncomfortable her message resonated in his heart.  He accepted the beacon and the mission and was soon on his way to tap the Gilder Green tree in Eastmarch. 

Along the way he stopped in at the barrow to visit Golldir once again and pitched a camp in the area for the night.  Seeing the man still tending to the memory of his family gave Raydien heart that Golldir was genuine in his desire to atone for his past and make Skyrim a better place.  The following day he completed his journey to the tree and acquired the sap, all the while considering if Golldir could be the one to wield the sword he carried called "Destiny".

On the way back to Whiterun he stopped at the barrow once again and invited  Golldir to join him on a mission to heal Skyrim of its undead sickness.  Golldir agreed and Raydien gave him the weapon.  Together they continued on to Whiterun and helped the priestess restore the tree.  Following this, Raydien spent some time training with the priestess and expanding his understand of the restoration arts.

The following day Raydien upgraded his gear and obtained some new gear for Golldir.  After some conversation, and more rumors of vampires, the two determine it was time to throw in with the Dawnguard and set out for Riften.  The trip was long and along the way they cleared a barrow call Shrouded Hearth near the mountain town of Ivarstaad.

Both capable fighters, they were immediately inducted into the Dawnguard and received their first mission to Dimhollow Crypt.  This was not the first time that Raydien had heard of this location and finding it was not difficult.  Along the way they took care of bandits and more than a few monsters learning to fight together as a team.

Now good friends, the two cut through Dimhollow Crypt to eventually release Serana.  She did not seem like a threat so the two men were willing to hear her out and eventually agree to provide her an escort to her home far to the West.  Along the way they came to understand more of her story and it was apparent to Raydien that Golldir was becoming infatuated with the woman.

They traveled at night to avoid the eyes of people along the road and Serana showed her worth by helping them clear out Fort Snowhawk and Fort Dunstad.  Raydien had sensed something dark within these places and she had not hesitated to offer help.  They had also been witness to the devastation at the hall of the Vigilents.  Serana would not come inside but did express her remorse at the loss of life.  Raydien collected their amulets so that he might give them to the temple of Mara in Riften to memorialize the Vigilents who had been killed. The remainder of the trip was quite as they stuck to the cover of the forest when traveling.

The encounter with Harkon was disturbing.  Raydien was not interested in becoming a vampire and would have like to kill them all.  He was sickened at the site of them feeding on the blood of innocent people laid out on the tables like a grisly buffet.  He knew he was outnumbered and could never hope to defeat them all but knew he must return.  He hated to leave Serana among the sick people in that castle but he was forced out and he a Golldir headed East.

Together the purged taint from the temple of Meridia and acquired much wealth and a legendary sword called Dawnbreaker.  Raydien did not agree to wield the weapon in Meridia's name but did offer to carry it in hopes of finding a worthy warrior for the blade.  The two continued on to Solitude where they witnessed an execution and Raydien stayed after to bless the soul of the dead man.  The following day was spent upgrading gear in preparation for the long road back to Riften.