The Author: Stu King

The Author: Stu King

Part Let's Play, part Role Play and all entertaining, the story takes place in Skyrim and follows the adventures of the complicated and conflicted assassin, Fleet Featherstone as he struggles to find his place in the world.  In the tradition of R. A. Salvatore and George R. R. Martin, Erinyes Arcana is a complicated story set in a world of high fantasy.

The story is the original work of Stu King (a.k.a. Couch Warrior) and weaves in and out of the standard story-lines of Skyrim to create a complex and compelling tale that will leave you breathless.  This fascinating journey begins as a simple Skyrim Let's Play but evolves into so much more as the author masters the tools and his storytelling craft.

Erinyes Arcana uses music, pros, video and audio production to tell an incredible story giving the world of Skyrim a fresh new feel like nothing you have ever experienced!



The story is produced and published on YouTube.  It uses footage from the game combined with commentary, story telling and audio production to spin a rich story in full HD for your viewing pleasure.  Subscribe to the YouTube channel to make sure you never miss an episode!



I imagine that perhaps you are asking yourself, "With all the hundreds of ways I can take in a story why would I watch this?" That's a great question!  The experience of these stories is for EVERYONE!  You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy these stories.  You simply need to love a good story and great characters

"CouchWarriorTV story experiences combine the spectacle of a movie, depth of a book and the community of a social media platform!

I look forward to each episode and can't wait to discuss the story with the community. It is the most original and unique story experience I have ever had!

Totally entertaining and fascinating! Bravo!!"

First and foremost, CouchWarriorTV is an experience. I am a storyteller and this channel is my creative labor of love. I have always had stories trapped in my head. YouTube and Skyrim have provided me with the perfect medium by which to tell these stories but this is more than just a ADHD and coffee fueled story dump. This is my passion. What that means for you is that I am going to put everything I have into each and every episode in an effort to craft the most entertaining stories and characters I can come up with.

Even better, because this is YouTube, you get to weigh in on the story. In fact, the conversation is half the fun. As the story evolves so does my skill as a story teller. As the tale comes together and I gain more knowledge and ideas so too evolves the sophistication of the telling. But enough about that! Check out the trailer for yourself!

"I am Cimmerian, I am Fleet, I am not evil, I simply am.

He is Empyrian, He too is Fleet, He is not good, He is who he will be."