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In Chapter 11, part 1 we find our protagonist embracing a profound change. Both in his spirit and his flesh. Spiritually, one could say that the priesthood of Sithis has been born within Fleet Featherstone. In the flesh, we viewers see this transformation in the donning of a new set of armor. This gorgeous armor, a mod known as Evil Mastermind, is used in the story by Couchwarrior as a replacement for the vanilla Ancient Dark Brotherhood armor that one can acquire within the Dark Brotherhood quest line of Skyrim. This Wiki began with the ritual hunt and you can see his acquiring of this armor in that video.

This chapter begins with Fleet, who has now adopted Cimmerian not only as a title, much like Father or Reverend might be used for clergy in this world, but also as a name. Almost as if Cimmerian is an entity of sorts, a part of him and yet, not seperate from him in any way. Or is it? Keep following the story to see!

Cimmerians Journal -
Five days in Hag's End. Though a graveyard to those who used to dwell here, it has been like a womb for me. I have rested, prayed to Sithis for the wisdom I shall require in the coming days and toiled over my equipment.
Though it was covered in the dust of ages when I found it, this armor is exquisite. I am no novice to the smithing craft but it is difficult for me to understand how it was created or even what it is made from. Who left this here and why? The dead brother was not wearing it but rather seemed to have been buried with it. Was he protecting it? Could this have been some sort of ritual buriel? I've heard stories that the drauger were once great warriors who were buried with that masters to protect them in the afterlife. Could this have been something similar?
It is clear that I will need to learn more to understand what I'm dealing with. The days of reflection have led me to the conclusion that it is time for me to take the fight to the Thalmor. I must stop running. They must learn that to pursue me will cause them so much pain that it'd be better to give the chase than risk more disaster. Theirs will be a painful lesson. Each of my disciples will have a task to perform. The Thalmor is to become Valfar's "project" and one I am sure he will relish. - End

In this next entry, we find an entry in the journal of our hero, but who is writing it is unknown. It rings with the voice of Cimmerian, or is it Fleet? Is it both? This comes from Chapter 11 part 3.

Journal -
The deal has been struck. The deed is done and as if on queue, the spirit of the legendary Lucien Lachance appears to me. Our conversation was...enlightening, to say the least. In life this man was to be admired and respected for his devotion to Sithis, and yet he honors me as Listener. It would seem my arrangement with Noctural has attracted his attention. The Daedra are powerful actors in this deadly play. I will take away their toys and kill their followers. I will attempt to keep their influence in check so that they cannot unduly influence the outcome of the monumental events taking place in Skyrim. The fate of all Tamriel depends on the outcome of the battles to come and I will not have the Daedra mucking around in it.
There is no doubt that my actions will cause consternation among the Daedra and they will seek to recover their items of power and kill me in the process. I have accepted this outcome. However, through guile and secrecy I hope to confiscate many of these artifacts before they are aware of the plot.
The Daedra are vain and I believe it will be their vanity that will keep them from joining forces against me. As long as this is true, I can bargain with some, hide from others and set them against one another.
The ghostly image of legendary Lucien LaChance. Do you know what drink is named for him and where you can buy it in Skyrim?
Lucien has told me of a place near Riverwood where I may hide these objects of power. A secret vault deep underground and imbued with powerful spells that will mask the magical aura that emanates from these items, making them impossible to detect.
I will seek out this place and makie it my own.
Hail Sithis. 

With his mind made up, Fleet readies himself for a battle with the Thalmor as well as a quest to take from the Daedric Princes their artifacts of power bestowed on their champions. We see him meeting up with Valfar, who has been working on scouting out the location of the Thalmor and the two embark on an epic journey to a stronghold of the Aldmeri Dominion. Their goal, to strike a blow to the Thalmor so strong that it cannot be ignored and send a message...continue to pursue me and you're doomed.

NOTE: With this entry, I had hoped to begin with the first entry of the Cimmerian doctrine but I'm having difficulty locating the text in the videos. Which I watch and hand-transcribe and then enter into this Wiki. It's takes some time for even this short entry but I'm happy to do it because I love the story and character, and also consider it a thank you to Couchwarrior for all the work he puts into it. An hour or two of this is well worth the hours he puts into making the videos. More to come, Warriors!