Sadri has informants in Raven Rock who expressed a willingness to assist me. At this point I simply need to remain out of sight. Eventually this assassin will come for me and it is imperative that I am ready when she arrives to complete her task. Raven Rock is firmly under the control of House Redoryn, or so I am told. It would be considered a serious political misstep for the Thalmor to come here in force and could be enough to provoke a wider conflict. A conflict that the Aldmeri Dominion does not currently need. This should allow me to hide and focus exclusively on the identification of this Bosmer assassin. This has worked out well for me so far, but is not without cost. It would seem I have a reputation among the Dunmer of windhelm and they have promised my services to House Redoryn as payment for giving me refuge. My contact is a man named Geldis Sadri. Apparently he is very well connected and will serve as my agent while I am in Raven Rock. I will be asked to take on certain jobs as payment for my hiding, and he will broker these jobs for me.

I am to find him at the Retching Netch and, by way of a code, identify myself to him by asking about the name of his infernal inn. I hate the idea of being beholden to anyone but what am I to do? It will be a small price to pay for the opportunity to "deal" with my pursuers