Solstheim has two faces.

One scarred and deformed, the other cold and wild. I feel a kinship with this place that is unexpected, as if I belong to this place in some deep visceral way. The soul of this island is not unlike my own.

Savage, dangerous and unfamiliar; Solstheim is fascinating and terrifying at once. As Sithis rules my conflicted spirit so Miraak claims this place... I feel compelled to take it from him.

There is something disquieting about the island, this is a feeling I have not had since... The spike. A feeling as though this may be one of those unique places in which I have not claim to my own destiny. The feeling that if I am to reclaim my identity I must take it by force.

I have been in the wilderness for 2 days now and am still no closer to understanding where I am. I have found my path blocked in one direction around the coast and so have reversed my course. I have taken stock of my surroundings and have determined that the best way to true my course is to use the Red Mountain as my guide. Judging by the location of mountain I an fairly certain of the direction I must travel to get back to Raven rock.

Having studied the map I have found I am able to narrow my location down to one of four areas assuming I can trust that these pirate were digging at one of the marked spots. The armor I found them digging up is curious. It's clearly powerful but if the map is any indication, there are 3 more pieces to be had. I believe I shall fill my time seeking them out. I need to understand more about this place and the acquisition of these items may help me in the battles to come.

with this hostile and unfamiliar atmosphere come the memories of my days in Skyrim as a fugitive. Traveling as if a ghost, hiding and living off the land. Much has happened since then. My path has been confused at times but this place and this time has given me clarity about what I must do next... about the Thalmor and the emperor. However, first I must deal with the Bosmer. I cannot move forward with and assassin at my back. The time is coming when I will spring my trap, I must be prepared.