This is a work in progress list of some of the mods being considered and tested for the series.  Some of the mods on this list (NA) will be converted to SE for this story and will not be made publicly available unless we are given permission from the author.

Skyrim SE Fixes - Confirmed

Regal Huntsman - Confirmed

Immersive armors - Confirmed

Immersive weapons - NA

Vivid weathers - Confirmed

Static mesh improvement - Confirmed

Unofficial skyrim patch - Confirmed

Realistic water two

Verdant - Confirmed

Flora overhaul - Confirmed

Wet and cold - Confirmed

iNeed - Confirmed

Violens - Unconfirmed

Foot prints - Unconfirmed

Enhanced Lighting for ENB - Unconfirmed

Blowing in the wind - Confirmed

Dawn of Skyrim - Unconfirmed

Skyrim Sewers - Confirmed

The Ultimate assortment - Confirmed

More weapons please - Confirmed

WICO - Confirmed

Fine facial textures for men - Confirmed

Beards - Confirmed

Brows - Unconfirmed

Blind folds - Confirmed

Face masks - Confirmed

Winter is coming - Confirmed

Campfire - Confirmed

Notice boards - Confirmed

Better Bound Bow - Unconfirmed

Skill Uncapper - Confirmed

Simply Bigger Trees - Confirmed

The eagle’s Nest - Confirmed

Contractor and Mavari Armor - NA

Evil Mastermind Armor -NA

Silver Dragon Armor - NA

Nephae - NA

Haldir - NA

Miravel - NA