A Fan Contribution

Submitted by: Danielle Dovahsdottir

Before commencing this attack, Fleet undergoes a physical transformation to match the spiritual transformation that is taking place and will continue to take place within him as he grows. He sheds the black armor and vestments and dons instead the simple garb of a huntsman, fur armor, bare chested and paints his face in the bone white visage of a skull. He then meditates in the forest, and then we hear his thoughts about what it is he is about to do:

The darkness swells within me. I can feel it seeping to the surface as tar from beneath the sand. The tellings of Olava, the premonitions I have been waiting for, the sign from the Void. Sithis has given me the gift to act, and now an ancient Brother from beyond Time bestows upon me the tools.
The essence of chaos has no plan, or does it? There is order even in chaos. In the end what starts as chaos eventually comes to order and back again. There could be no life without order, but no creation without the divine spark of chaos. My role is not to sow chaos but rather to re-balance this land. "Balance and un-balance, the fate of this age is yours to shape."
Today I take the power that rightfully belongs to me. The final weapons in my arsenal and I serve the Dread Father with honor, embracing the title that I have been graced with. Baptised in blood and fear, Fleet passes into memory, and Cimmerian begins his work.
To those about to die, pray to your spirits and honor them well. I will take your lives today but understand that I do this with regret. Those I send to Sithis this day are my own kinsman and men and women of conviction. Proud warriors who've been misled by foul witches and become the unwitting guardians of the ancient artifacts for Sithis and the Dark Brotherhood. I honor you, and shall make your deaths swift and complete.

After this powerful soliloquy, Fleet delves into combat with the Forsworm of Deepwood Redoubt. Emerging victorious and bearing afterwards the gifts of an ancient Dark Brother and the blessings of Sithis. Cimmerian rises.