Submitted by: Danielle Dovahsdottir

With this entry, we find ourselves coming full circle before venturing into Chapter 11 and the beginning of the CImmerian doctrines. In this episode, we hear much of Fleet's thoughts about events happening within the Dark Brotherhood, the Old Ways of the Night Mother and the Five Tenents. Will Cicero live or die? The rule of law demands his death, and yet in order to preserve the order, perhaps a break with that tradition is necessary? Break tradition to save it? What will the Listener do?

Fleet's Journal 1 -
The revelations of the last two days have been overwhelming. Events are moving at an accelerated pace and this situation with Cicero is alarming to say the least. To attack a member of the Dark Brotherhood is a grave offense but taken in context I can sympathize with the man. Astrid has escalated her rhetoric. She is a fool to deny that the Brotherhood must change, IS changing to survive. Cicero is essential to the succes of this transformation.
The Night Mother is the organizations only remaining connection to Sithis, besides me. However this is a fact I do not plan on sharing with her or anyone at the moment. Who would maintan the body should Cicero die? Her? I seriously doubt that. If ever there was a time for an exception to the tenets this is it. As a follower of the old ways Cicero knows the penalty for attacking another member of the Dark Brotherhood, but Astrid? She has no such convictions. She chooses to follow the tents when it's convenient for her and spits bile of the worst kind when I leave the room. All of this despite that fact that I am doing all the heavy lifting.
As for Arnbjorn, that thick-headed Nord is on his own. The life of the lunatic must be preserved....for now. If the Nord should get in my way he will go to Sithis first! Perhaps this laughable organization does not deserive to survive.


Fleet's Journal 2 -
Again I sneak away when their backs are turned. It's for the best. They cannot help with what I must so. This is a Brotherhood matter and will be handled by the Listener alone.
It was clear that Valfar was angry with her for making him wait in Ustengrav. However when I asked him what exactly he would have done he admitted the folly of his charge. From our conversation I was able to discern that he was unable to see the figure I saw. What would he do, swing at the air each time I kneel to pray?
The uncomfortable silence was broken when he presented me with this magnificent cloak and hood. Made by his own hands and with such care and craft. I have never seen its equal. Our exchange made me realize that I have never given this man anything but worry, and what of his friendship? what of the friendship of any of them? Am I toying with their hearts? This is a dangerous game we are playing and they do not know the half of what's at stake. I wonder if perhaps I am committing them to a struggle that will, in the end, be their deaths.
They are all strong and independent people but seem to defer to me. This deference makes me uncomfortable. What is it they see in me that they find worth following? Not even I know exactly what our purpose is, at least not yet but I feel the time is coming when all will begin to materialize from out of the haze. Perhaps then, they will all need to decide if I am worthy of their service, of their love. We shall see.

And so our central character, Fleet Featherstone, heads off to Whiterun to see Olava the Feeble. A seeress said to be able to reveal his future! But you, followers of Erinyes Arcana, know what's in store if you've been checking this wiki. Scroll to the top of The Cimmerian page and you will find yourselves where we began. I wished to give some background to the Cimmerian before delving into what will become a much deeper and...darker part of the story as we proceed. Next entry, we shall begin with Chapter 11, after the Cimmerian has risen and claimed his power and begins to enunciate his doctrines, laying the foundation for a new Dark Brotherhood recommitted to the old ways, to the Night Mother and ultimately...to Sithis.