Submitted by: Danielle Dovahsdottir

In this episode, we begin by hearing the words of Fleet's follower Valfar, who was witness to the encounter with Sithis. As the two ride for Whiterun, Fleet readies himself for a showdown with Gaius Maro. We also get to hear what exactly transpired in the ancient tomb of the Tongue Jurgen Windcaller.

Fleet, son of Sithis, we look upon you. Dark triumphs we have seen and delight we have taken in the sum of your works. Flowing over obstructions as stream over stones, never ending never the same never stopping. We are pride. You are unforeseen and unforeseeable. In you beats the engine of chaos. Capricious, erratic, we are fondness.
Fleet, our Cimmerian, our Cimmerian is incalculable thought and thought to action...but this is not complete. Perversions of powerful make our Cimmerian defenseless, soul at risk made weak by ransom. The time of recknoning alights on the shoulder of the son who would be more.
Choices offered, which will be prime? The lost son walks onward or takes our hand. Our hand protects. Agent of chaos freedoms actor and true freedom to act. If Cimmerian turns away he is free but he is Fleet. If Cimmerian embrace us he accepts the fate blade. Blade finds the truth of soul and spirit. Found wanting is death...found true, the heart of smoke.
Aedra, Daedra, Man, Mer, born of chaos, born of the one true creator. The agent is protected, the heart of smoke slips through the fingers of the dominator. Insubstantial, unknowable, uncontrollability.
You are complete. Chaos, creation in blood and strife. The Void does not value honor, we do not see piety, the broken and empty stone walls of false palace built by man. Balance and unbalance the fate of this age is yours to shape.


Fleet's Journal -
My encounter with Sithis has chilled me to the bone. I am at once elated and filled with dread. What if I fail? How will I know what to do? what if I make the wrong choices or perhaps there are no wrong choices?
At the time I felt nothing but profound inner peace. Even as I watched the blade split the air I had no fear. I have been given a blessed gift. For my soul to be beyond the control of the most powerful actors in Mundas, Oblivion or beyond is a precious gift. Listen to me, what have I become?
I am alread dead. The moment I accept the bargain and the blade pierced my neck my life was no more and my soul was made the property of Sithis, lost forever but out of reach of the foul Daedra.
My spirit is gone, forfeit to the Void, now its up to me to ensure this opportunity is not wasted. Though my soul is lost perhaps I will be allowed to save others from making the same sacrifice.
-Heart of Smoke

We see that Fleet is moving ever closer to the moment of profound transformation that heads up the beginning of this Wiki page. He has times of peace, and yet still there are moments of questioning. His journey of spirit is not unlike those in our own world. Soon to come, a delving into the Cimmerian doctrine. There, the chosen of Sithis divulges his mind on topics of assassination, and leaves for the future a path forward to the past...to the old ways.