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Key characters in the story

Fleet Featherstone - Protagonist, Breton son of House Featherstone, A.K.A. Little Feather
Cimmerian - Fleet's Alter-ego

Nephae Shorgrace
Breton, companion and student to Fleet. Member of "The Castle Rats", secret operator, spy and agent

Battle Mage, sage, teacher, companion and advisor to Fleet

Miravel Tel-Nar
Bosmer hunter assassin and companion to Fleet

Sentian Featherstone
Breton, Father of Fleet, Battle Mage, corrupt politician

Fleet's Journal: Chapter 13 - Part 3

What used to be distant memories rush back in vivid detail forcing me to relive the horrors I am desperate to forget. Why is this? Is this the work of the dread father? What purpose could there be in making me re experience the terror & pain of those days?

Fleet's Journal: Chapter 13 - Part 2

There is something disquieting about the island, this is a feeling I have not had since... The spike. A feeling as though this may be one of those unique places in which I have not claim to my own destiny. The feeling that if I am to reclaim my identity I must take it by force.

Fleet's Journal: Chapter 13 - Part 1

Sadri has informants in Raven Rock who expressed a willingness to assist me. At this point I simply need to remain out of sight. Eventually this assassin will come for me and it is imperative that I am ready when she arrives to complete her task.

Embracing the Cimmerian

We find our protagonist embracing a profound change. Both in his spirit and his flesh. Spiritually, one could say that the priesthood of Sithis has been born within Fleet Featherstone.

The Old Ways Made New

We hear much of Fleet's thoughts about events happening within the Dark Brotherhood, the Old Ways of the Night Mother and the Five Tenents.

The Dread Father Speaks

We begin by hearing the words of Fleet's follower Valfar, who was witness to the encounter with Sithis. As the two ride for Whiterun, Fleet readies himself for a showdown with Gaius Maro.

Prelude to the Heart of Smoke

The scene opens with tranquility as Fleet stands on the shores of a lake, a Nirnroot glowing before him.  Unknown to him, a wraith-like figure watches from a distance, wreathed in darkness that seems alive.

The Cimmerian Ritual

Fleet undergoes a physical transformation to match the spiritual transformation that is taking place and will continue to take place within him as he grows.