In response to viewer requests for video content to compliment our podcast, the CouchWarrior Network has created Project Nym. 

Project Nym is an interactive Let's Play and a truely unique experiment in social storytelling. Imagine if you could directly impact the objectives and traits of your favorite Let's Play you can.

Watch Nym's story unfold as you listen to our podcast.  When prompted, cast your vote on various questions that will determine Nym's path through Skyrim and ultimately the hero he is destined to become.

By popular vote, Nym will evolve and his story will become the legend of the entire community.  Updated every two weeks, with each new chapter, voting on previous videos chapter ends so vote early and often if you wish to be heard.

Project Nym is not a Commentary Let's Play.  Project Nym is our collective imaginations and a bold and intersting character set against the majesty of Skyrim. 

It is with much respect and appreciation that CouchWarrior Network presents to you, Project Nym.  The ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure and ground-breaking experiment is social storytelling. 

You are the Gods. Nym is the avatar to your devine influence.

One role play question per episode, up to five possible answers. Cast your vote at any time by clicking the "Card Activator" in the upper right corner of your screen. Make sure to cast your vote!  Voting for this episode ends in two weeks.