We start out with Nym shipwrecked off the Northern coast of Skyrim. Struggling to escape the wreckage, Nym gathers what supplies he can before making the frigid swim to shore; thankfully he’s found a potion to help fend off the biting waters. Arriving at shore, with night time looming, Nym finds an encampment he can use to shelter himself from the elements. Arriving in Dawnstar the next day, Nym takes advantage of the towns amenities, before heading back into the wilds. As he continues along the Eastern edge of Northern Skyrim, Nym comes into Morthal, but chooses to press on. We end Chapter One with Nym defending himself at Fort Snowhawk.

Chapter One's Community Question:

  • What is Nym’s greatest emotional vulnerability?

The chosen answer is:

  • A secret. Nym is hiding something.

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