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The story is a serial adventure series made for YouTube.  Subscribe and watch each episode like you would your favorite TV show.  The screen play is written and then produced using Skyrim as the production framework.

In the CouchWarrior tradition, this story experience will be rich in story, character development and immersive production.  Featuring CouchWarrior's unique mix of original writing, beautiful cinematics and atmospheric music, The 5 Fables is the most ambitious CouchWarrior production to date.

Coming to YouTube in 2016, The 5 Fables tells the story of five powerful individuals pulled together by fate to save the mortal realm from a dark and baleful entity slowing poisoning the world.  Featuring original music, multiple voice actors and CouchWarrior's unique blend of role play, story, interlacing quest lines and intimate commentary, The 5 Fables will keep you enthralled and coming back for more!

1. The 5 Fables is written as a screen play that combines elements of Bethesda's Skyrim stories and my own stories woven together in a way that brings and entirely new feel to the world of Skryim.
2. The 5 Fables is a work of speculative fiction set in Skyrim. It draws heavily from familiar Elder Scrolls lore and adds even more to enhance the story experience.
3. The 5 Fables is AD FREE! While this story is produced for release on YouTube it is NOT monitized.  No ads or banners to ruin immersion but that means we rely entirely on donations to keep this production going.  There is a Patreon campaign available for anyone who would like to support 5 Fables.  You can find more information at
4. The 5 Fables is voice acted by some amazing people!  Jessa, Joe and Matt are all giving of their time for this crazy project and I am so deeply grateful for that.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the story and I invite you to contribute to our discussions of the project on YouTube, Facebook and the website.

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