A brand new adventure series from CouchWarrior

CouchWarrior makes a long overdue return to Let's Play and the adventure begins as we follow the exploits of Ranger and Rogue, Robbard Graves!


Black Barrels: Part 3

Robbard travels to The House of Troubles and meets with the mysterious and eccentric Karl "The Jarl" to make a deal.  Are Robbards plans about to come together or are they simply becoming more complicated?  In this episode we accompany Robbard on his first exploration of an Ancient Nordic Barrow and we meet Shullat "Thunderhead", the mighty Imperial Captain.

You can't keep a bad man down!


A young man arrives in Skyrim 46 years after the events that we have come to know as the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game experience.  The land is blighted, dangerous and desolate and his mission is to document the mysterious events. What happened so many years ago? What hides within this harsh and cursed land? Why has this once beautiful province fallen into 46 years of unending winter and who are the people brave enough or insane enough to stay within its borders? 

It has been nearly 50 years since evil was banished from the land but who are the people responsible, why have they never come forward? What if the story is not truly over? What if something has been waiting in the darkness? An evil beyond imaging lurking just beyond the torchlight? What if this is just the beginning?