The Mortal Blade is finally finished!  It was a very long process that included many hours of play and discussion with my audience to validate this build!  If you are interested in checking out the evolution of the Mortal Blade watch the video series on CouchWarriorTV.

"As the dragons rise so to does the Mortal Blade (Joor Tuz). Born of the land, forged in the fires war, tempered by honor and honed to a razor sharp edge by the breath of dragons."

The Mortal Blade - Philosophy & Outlook

"I am the lightening rod. I am the living, breathing snare to the abominations and dominators that would threaten the innocent. The corruptors that stalk Nirn can not help but answer my challenge and when they do I shall crush them with the legendary power of the ancestors. The breath of warriors!” 

The Mortal Blade’s belief system is rooted in the ideals of justice, responsibility, self determination, decisive action and honor in combat. The only way to heal the illness that plagues the world is to cut out the corruption and this is not done with words but with steel.

The Mortal Blade embraces the gifts of the Dragonborn and believes them to have been bestowed by the great dragon slayers of ancient times. The Mortal Blade not only hunts the denizens of destruction but believes that he is anointed with powers that attract them as a moth to a flame. This core belief compels the Mortal Blade to live a mostly solitary life as a means of protecting others from the evil that revolves around him, constantly circling and probing for weakness. The Mortal Blade pauses only briefly in settlements and cities believing his presence will attract the agents of corruption that constantly pursue him.

Spirituality & The Mortal Blade

The focal point of the Mortal Blade’s spirituality is not the divines but in honoring the memory of dragon slayers of ancient times. Ancestor Worship consists of honoring the legends of those that have come before and the Mortal Blade exercises this theology through daily meditation. Expressions of honor and gratitude for gifts of the voice and the tools of war tend to constitute the mantra of the Mortal Blade.Study of history, military theory, combat tactics and martial skill are hallmarks of the Mortal Blade’s discipline and a recitation of the names and deeds or great warriors are often included in daily meditations.  

The meditations of the Mortal Blade usually take place at dawn as the blade kneels with his back to the rising sun. The symbolism of the sun rising behind theMortal Blade is significant and representative of the legions of ancient warriors of the voice marching at the back of the Joor Tuz to bring bloody battle to the corrupt.

The Mortal Blade’s view on the divines is one of distant respect. Viewing himself as a “Warrior of the People” the Mortal Blade rejects the concept of fighting for the glory of the gods and as such, will not pray to or accept the blessing of any god. The only exception to this rule is Talos who the Mortal Blade reveres for his warrior prowess and whom the Mortal Blade would always included in his daily affirmations.