The Lorkhanus Causatum

 Written and performed by Stu King

A Treatise on the causal relationship between the eruption of Red Mountain and the mysterious and unexplained events taking place in affected regions of Tamriel.

In the 4E 5 the devastating eruption of red mountain projected a plume of ash and stone into the atmosphere over the continent of Tamriel.  It cannot be overemphasized the magnitude of this cataclysmic event. The detonation of Red Mountain heralded the near extinction of the Dunmer people scattering them to furthest reaches of the continent. Subsequent catastrophes including the Argonian invasion as well as the mass exodus of the Dunmer form Vvardenfell have caused a nearly complete collapse in Dunmer society and culture.

It was at this time that research into the magical properties of heart stones began.  The preeminent work in this area having been published by Councilor Neloth of Sadrith Mora as a study of the ash and heart stones of Solstheim. It was subsequently concluded, by a highly regarded Telvanni scholar, to be completely inadequate, sloppy and utterly self-serving.