Frostfall, 2nd, 4E 201

I've decided to keep a journal. It's as much a calming activity as anything, plus I think it might be nice to look back upon someday. The day when I am Queen of Skyrim, when I sit at Her side.

Also, this is really the first time since I was left for dead by The Caller that I've felt safe enough to take the time to reflect.

So, she thought that she would keep a clear conscious by incapacitating me and then leaving me here in Blackreach. No doubt it was her idea to set up the construct outside the dwelling that I was left in. Fool! after 5 years did she not come to realize my potential? My resolve? I will crush her...I will crush them all. But, not yet. They are strong and have numbers. I must wait until the time is right. 

But I digress. It has been about a month and a half since I woke up here. The construct proved extremely difficult, and I certainly was not expecting it when I opened the door. Fortunately, there are more than ancient Dwemer constructions down here and I was able to lead the thing into the arms of another denizen of this place. I have not yet done any research to find out what is was, what they are rather, but they fit the description of a creature that I had read about in Fellglow...I believe they are called a Felmer. I will have to find out because they are quite formidable.

I will be honest. I spent my first few hours here quite terrified. From the moment I opened the door I was running for my life from that infernal Dwemer contraption! It was only by luck that I was able to lead the thing into one of those Felmer creatures. The fight was short, but long enough for me to escape and find a massive lift. Thank Mehrunes that it was still operable!

The lift seemed to take an eternity as it ground its way upwards, but finally it opened up to the outside world. The sun was blinding and the air freezing. There was a path near the lift so I followed it, running the whole way! I followed the path downhill, my lungs burning from the cold. At the bottom was an inn. Mehrunes Dagon truly was with me; I would live another day! NO! Not just a day! That inn, The Nightgate Inn, will be known as the beginning of my reign!!

I swear, The Caller will curse that inn, but only for as long as it takes for her to drown in her own blood! They will all rue that inn. Every last one of them!!!! They will all perish! And I will laugh as they choke and gasp for breath, as they look up in surprise and horror when they realize that their executioner was the girl they had left to die. And I will drink their blood as their eyes grow bleary from death. I will feast on their flesh while they claw for life. And I will laugh! And then I will resurrect their bones and they will do my bidding!

I look forward to that day, but it is late. I will write more later.

Frostfall, 14th, 4E 201

After spending a couple of weeks on the surface, I decided that it was time to return to Blackreach. I find the darkness soothing. Returning was a bit nerve wracking, I must admit, but the darkness was welcome compared to the cold of the outside world. Although I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was able to spend in Solitude.

Solitude. What a wonderful city. The artisans there are first rate, and the Bards College holds a wealth of information. I cannot wait to return.

With the vermin cleared, at least for now, my small dwelling below has become a nice sanctuary, and one that I continually look forward to returning to. I was so happy that I was able to find a carpenter in Dawnstar. Without his help, I would not have been able to begin developing Blackreach.

..ah, look at the time. Again! I will write more in the coming days.

Frostfall, 20th, 4E 201

It's been a few days since I've written. I've been busy in Dawnstar with the carpenter there working out plans and supplies for the continued development of Blackreach. We were finally able to come to an agreement.

Finally, a set of stairs! I won't have to climb up to the door to meet with the merchant that I've convinced to set up shop down here; I can simply take the stairs! I really should try to learn his name. It is also worth mentioning that I've been able to hire more help and erect some walls and even hire a couple guards.

Sun's Dusk, 11th, 4E 201

Shortly after convincing the merchant that all of Blackreach's untapped resources were worth moving there for, I came upon a cavern rich in a variety of ores, so I set out to hire some miners.

Sun's Dusk, 18th, 4E 201

The other day I went to the mine to see how it was coming along; overall, I am pleased with it. But when I left, I became turned around and found myself face to face with what I believe are charrus hunters - flying insects about the size of a very large dog. They spit poisonous venom and sting with a barbed tail. They are vile creatures, and very dangerous. I was lucky to finally escape them and find my way back. After that, it seemed like a good time to visit Dawnstar.

Sun's Dusk, 30th, 4E 201

I was pleased to find, upon my return, that no raids occurred during my absence. I am finding that vampires are a problem here in the dark underbelly of Skyrim. Hell, I even came back from the surface once to find that a dragon was attacking my small post. A dragon!! How it got down here, I do not know, but then again there are MANY things I do not know about this place.

Morning Star, 8th, 4E 202

It's been about a month since I last wrote. The outpost is coming along nicely. I have been able to seduce a variety of people to come here. I hadn't realized how many people in Skyrim seek anonymity or refuge from the outside world, but I'm glad there are. Since last I wrote, I've been able to take advantage of a blacksmith's widow and set up a nice I need a blacksmith. I've even been able to bring down enough people to build an Inn. An Inn! Ha! As if anyone would be foolish enough to make this place a vacation destination! But that's ok. Since I forbid alcohol and tobacco in the barracks, the Inn is a good place for the few guards I have to relax, and I must admit, I enjoy spending time there as well.

There is still a great deal to do, however. I have a number of platforms to build for archers and lookouts, as well as braziers for light. Not to mention a great deal more guards to hire. I have not decided yet on what I shall call this place, but I'm leaning towards Dagon's Deep. I rather like the alliteration. I see a keep with guards, and wizards, and more; and all serving Mehrunes under my guidance. And when the time is right, we will rise up from the Deep and take the surface by storm! It will be a glorious time.

Morning Star, 9th, 4E 202

I made a nice amount of coin from the merchant's last visit to the surface...I really do need to get to know his name. Anyway, I made enough on the sale of the accumulated items that I was able to strike up a deal with a couple of conjurers an illusionist and a combat mage. I must thank the captain that I had hired earlier for the recommendations. They should prove very useful in protecting Dagon's Deep, which, by the way, is the name that I've decided upon for my outpost.

Just prior to my new mage's arrival, I was attacked by those foul creatures, again; Falmer, as I have since found out they are called. I have also found out that they are descendants from the Snow Elves! I simply must find out more!

Morning Star, 10th, 4E 202

I've made my way back to Whiterun, a small conflict between Imperials and Stormcloaks erupted, but the Imperials made quick work of the bastards. I took the opportunity to take their gear and sell it. I was on my way to find out what is going on at Peak Shade Tower when a courier stopped me and gave me a notice about a museum in Dawnstar. I will need to make my way there soon!

My horse was killed tonight when I was attacked by bandits along the road. I'm beyond livid! I did not recognize if they were part of an organized group or not, but I guess it doesn't really matter...they will all pay for this.

 Morning Star, 12th, 4E 202

I have not been feeling well, lately. The symptoms are hard to explain; I just feel "off". I am irritated often and find myself having to pause on occasion because my hands, my whole body really, just begins to shake. My eye's water a great deal and give me trouble in bright light, which is a problem in the snowy northern regions of Skyrim.

Because of all of this, I find Dagon's Deep to be especially soothing, and the symptoms are not as distracting here. My "library" is limited, so finding out what is going on with me down here is not an option. I will need to go to Solitude. I only hope that I am not assaulted by these miserable bandits during a bout. Shaking hands or temporary blindness could mean death if experienced at the wrong time.

Morning Star, 15th, 4E 202

I found my way down by Falkreath, searching for Peak's Shade Tower. What a waste of time! When I got there I found nothing more than an overconfident Khajiit wearing stolen Blades armor. I mounted my horse and began my way back to Dawnstar to investigate the new museum. If what that brat had alluded to months ago is true, this could be very informative.

On my way, I came upon Whiterun. As it was getting late, I decided that I should spend the night. That's when it happened. When I realized what has been ailing me. Sanguinare Vampiris! I must have contracted it during one of the last vampire attacks at Dagon's Deep. It was a stunning realization, to be honest, and the intensity was either because I am no longer below ground in The Deep, or it is getting stronger...or both.

I was rounding a bend with Whiterun visible in the distance when the sun sank below the horizon. At that moment my senses came alive! I could hear the smallest of sounds and the cold was noticeably less frigid, nearly nonexistent, really. But what I could not have expected was the smells, well, one smell really, and it hit me as I passed by a few individuals on the road; the metallic scent of blood. It was overwhelming and intoxicating! It's still so vivid in my mind, the urge to throw the nearest person down, tear open their chest, and feast upon their heart! It was not just an intoxicating thought, erotic one!

It's hard to explain. Even now, as I write, I catch myself running my tongue across the inside of my upper lip and caressing my throat with the end of the quill, running it slowly down to my chest. My heart is pounding, my breath shallow, and I realize now how long it's been since I've bed with another. Perhaps I will take in a local tonight. Perhaps they will slake my more ways than one.

NO! This Vampiris is clouding my mind! I have a curing potion that I must take before I go to bed, that should quell the affliction! Also, it should cure this cursed rock-joint that I picked up as well. I know the symptoms and have no doubt that this wolf's bit on my calf is the reason. Foul creatures. Although....if I let myself turn, it will be cured by the, I cannot, the time is not right, but it is very tempting.....very tempting......

It isn't very late, and I've taken my curing potion but I cannot shake this lustful feeling! There is a man downstairs in the main hall. I think I will seduce him and satisfy my urges. He is not exceptionally handsome but certainly not ugly either. But, what he is, is well into a drunken stupor and easy prey. I believe I heard someone refer to him as Sam. His name is meaningless for what I need, however. Tomorrow I will all have but forgotten it and I can press on to Dawnstar.

Morning Star, 19th, 4E 202

What a ride! Ha! If only I had meant that the way that reads! This Sam character, as I approach him he asks if I want to participate in a drinking contest. "Really?" I think to myself. Fine, I agree.

I don't know what in Oblivion he had in that flask, but the last thing I remember was raising the second cup to my mouth...and then I was waking up in Markarth! Not just Markarth, but in a Temple of Dibella. I will have a great deal of forgiveness to ask of Mehrunes Dagon when all is said and done, that's for sure!

So, I wake up and some priestess is hounding me for making a mess, as if I care. Anyway, I talk my way out of whatever she was droning on about. Then I decide that to lie back down on the floor until morning.

I left the unholy temple and decided to look around, I've never been to Markarth before. As I was passing the front gates, a man attacks this woman. Sadly, I was not quick enough to help her, still in a stupor from that forsaken drink. I eventually was able to kill the attacker, and then the guards get all haughty, and act as if they had just saved the Emperor. Idiots. I did learn, however, that the man was a Forsworn. It would seem they are a problem in this region.

I left the scene and continue around the city, and remember a note I had gotten some time ago from someone called Calcemo; he wanted a Dwarven knife for some odd reason. I was able to find him, and in doing so I interestingly enough stumbled upon a confrontation with a priest of Arkay, I think, and some of the natives of the Markarth. I was able to learn that the city's Hall of the Dead has been closed. I feigned interest, and the fool of a priest gave me a key to enter. I will go there to investigate soon. By this time it was late, so I purchased a room at the inn, the Silverblood Inn, as it's called.

As I mingled with the patrons, I met a priestess of Dibella. She came on to me! What surprised me was that I did not resist! I would think by now that my delusions of sanguinare vampiris would have faded by now, but apparently not. Her name was Jolene, I believe. Isn't that funny, I can remember her name, yet the name of the merchant in Dagon's Deep, whom I deal with constantly, I cannot remember at all. I really must learn it. Anyway, nothing came of my encounter with Jolene, which is likely for the best. But I still find the encounter...interesting.

Morning Star, 20th, 4E 202

As I took in Markarth, I come across a blacksmith, an Orc blacksmith. Perfect! I have a Stros M'Kai blade to be honed, and no better than an Orc to do so!

As I round a corner, a vigilant of Stendar stopped me. He asked if I would enter a house with him. One he thought was used for Daedra worship. I smiled to myself and said "sure".

As it turns out, he was right! Major Daedra worship! Wow, Markarth is really a fucked up place! Ha!

As we enter the lower levels and voice booms in my head. "He is weak. Kill him!" I could not turn away and I later found out why. Molag Bol! Can you believe it, one of the Four Corners of the House of Troubles! Here! In Markarth! Of course my fealty belongs to Mehrunes Dagon, but how exhilarating! The vigilant was nothing and crumpled under my blade quickly. But Molag had plans for me.

His alter had been desecrated by a priest of Boethia and he wanted me to find the priest and bring him back...alive. Doing so took me to a place called Red somethings outlook, or whatever. I will have to find out later. But the place was crawling with Forsworn. They are formidable, but with my avenging wraith, deathguard summons, and blade, they were defeated.

When I brought the priest back, Molag asked me to kill him. What an honor! To be the vessel asked to perform a sacrifice to a Daedric Lord! It will be burned into my memory forever! I only hope that Mehrunes will someday give me the same opportunity!

I have yet to get my blade. I will do that when I am finished writing. Then I should get to Dawnstar...but I may have to postpone that, there are still some very odd things going on here. I think I will stay awhile longer...

But, before I it strange that I took some of the blood that spattered on my face when I bludgeoned the priest to death for Molag Bol upon my finger, spread it across my lips, and then savored it as if where the finest honey? was...enticing...exotic...seductive...carnal ...Delicious.

Morning Star, 27th, 4E 202

I think things may be settling down in Markarth. In my curiosity, I found myself in the middle of a power struggle between the Forsworn and the Nords of Markarth. That would explain why there are so many problems with the Forsworn in this region.

As I searched around to find out more about Margret and Weylin, (Margret was the woman killed when I was in the marketplace – Weylin, was her killer) and eventually Thonar, who was the one that hired Weylin. That's how I found myself in Cidna mine, as a prisoner. Did I mention how fucked up Markarth is?

At any rate, I was in no position to resist, so I went voluntarily. After some fooling around in the mine, I was finally able to me Madanac, the leader of the Forsworn. I needed his help to escape, and he mine. But mostly, I needed him to clear my name. Following him down an old Dwarven tunnel, we escaped the mine. His presence, apparently, was more than enough to clear my name. I was also glad that an informant of his brought me my gear, which had been taken when I was arrested.

The only business I think I have left here is that of the butcher by the entrance. He claims that the meat is deer butchered by nearby Orcs. What a liar. I know human flesh when I see it. What is he playing at? Is it simple amusement? Or something more? Personally, I find the fact that he's selling human flesh to the locals hilarious. They are completely oblivious to what it is. As a matter of fact, many of them comment on it; how tender and flavorful it is. Ha! I need to find out what's going on. Curiosity landed me in jail, perhaps this time it will kill me. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. And who knows, maybe people with rave about how I taste, if that should be my fate!

Sun's Dawn, 5th, 4E 202

I found the Orc stronghold, Dushnikh Yal. They were less than accommodating. But, if I could return an item call The Forgemaster's Fingers, they would allow me access to their stronghold and all within.

Sun's Dawn, 7th, 4E 202

I have returned the Orcs' artifact. It was in tomb protected by an ancient creature known as Red Eagle, or Faolan, as he was called in the Reach. He was formidable and I had only just defeated him. Hopefully now that I've gained the trust of these Orcs that butcher in the Markarth market will free his tongue a bit and tell me why he is selling human flesh.

I desperately want to return to Dawstar and to Dagon's Deep. I feel it has been much too long since I've been home. But I simply must find out what is going on in Markarth...

Curse that little bastard! He says nothing. But I've just remembered something about the Hall of the Dead, and bodies being half eaten...I wonder... 

I've entered the Hall, and there I met a woman, Eola she called herself. She talked of Namira, and 'the hunger'. She told me to meet her at Reachcliff Cave. I must find out more...

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