Second Seed, 28th, 4E 202

I've finally started my into the assassins' guild. It began with the assassination of Ennodius, near Windhelm. It was almost comical, really. It was dark, and he was asleep. I approached him and began to drink. I must have been hungrier than I though, because he woke up, and in his confused state started wondering what was going on. In my surprise, I punched him in the ribs as hard as I could. I had intended to draw my weapon and stab him, but I didn't. I'm not the strongest around, but he was weak enough that one punch was enough to kill him.

As I headed for Falkreath, I ran into a shit-storm of Stormcloaks and Imperials. I normally avoid these conflicts, but this one was almost impossible. It happened in the narrow pass between Ivarstead and Falkreath. I bashed a Stormcloak and then summoned a couple or dremora. They helped the Imperials make quick work of the remaining Stormcloaks. When all was quiet, I feasted until I could drink no more, the rest I bottled for another day. 

As I continued on my way, I was attacked, but I was so preoccupied by recent events that I panicked and misspoke my incantation, triggering the spell that brought me to the Arch-Mage's room, instead. Unexpected, and I certainly am upset with myself, but the quiet night will be welcome. Tomorrow I will hire a carriage to bring me to Falkreath.

Right now, though, I must sleep..I miss my coffin.

I have since turned in my contracts, and Astrid has sent me on a new contract, one I've already completed, as it turns out. It would seem that the DB eyes are not *everywhere*, ha. Anyway, the contract was for a woman in Markarth. On my way back, I detoured and ended up in Darkfall cave. I've discovered something amazing here, however. A temple to Auriel. The snow elves! It is abandoned, yet it looks to be tended after. I will stay here for  a couple of days, then I will move on to an Orc stronghold nearby.

Well, I let my excitement about finding a shrine to Auriel that I let myself become lost in the cave. It took me hours before I found the exit. I'm here now at Mor Khazgur. I entered the stronghold, but no one was here. It was unnerving, but now that morning has finally come, I here the hold stir. I really have no business here, just curiosity.

Mid Year, 2nd, 4E 202

Ah, Solitude, I do love this city. I had come across a posting a while back asking for Falmer ears. An odd request, to be sure, but they are valuable alchemical ingredients. Anyway, seemed like an easy way to earn a favor. Turns out it was the bloke that runs the Winking Skeaver; who knew he was into alchemy. Turns out the bugger is really adept and was able to show even me a couple new tricks. 

I came from Caranthir Tower, and by the gods the weather was treacherous! I battle through a blinding snow storm almost the whole way! The gods truly must hate Winterhold!

I don't think I've mentioned yet - I lost another horse! Gods damned skeletons this time! I was leaving The Deep via the Alftand lift, as I often do, when I went to check the pass down to the Nightgate Inn. I've learned that it is a path used by many a foul creation; man, mer, and others alike. That's when I spotted several skeletons. Where they came from, I don't know - likely they were conjured by a fool who could not control them; with any luck that moron is dead. 

I took one out by surprise with my crossbow, but the other moved quickly out of sight. Before I knew it, they were on top of my horse, and before I could get to them, they had brought him down. I am beside myself, for this time, it was my fault. I have not gotten a new one yet. And honestly, with my vampire stamina and strength, I can move about just as quickly! What a gift! I really cannot understand why anyone would ever see this blessing as a curse. Fools.

I am writing from the Winking Skeaver. It is noisy, but that same noise also creates privacy in a place such as this. It's easy enough to block out. I am hungry...I wonder if I can find any quiet rooms with sleeping guests?

And before I forget. It seems ages ago now, but when I was shadowing that Argonian in Solitude, Golum Ei, I think his name was, after confronting him, I decided to look around his stockpile, and wouldn't you know, I found a dagger of Dibella! Very rare, and a nice find. Of course I grabbed it. It now sits in my private study at the Mages College.

I have recruited Tikrid to my Deep Family. She will serve well. I have also returned to Astrid at the DB sanctuary. I don't trust her, but I do like Babette. The mage Fastid is OK, but that werewolf...he must go. Anyway, Astrid was waiting for me when I arrived, likely she had someone watching for my arrival. She was worried. About Cicero. Cicero, as it turns out, is that same person that I had intervened for on the road near Whiterun. He is truly an odd sort, but genuine, nonetheless. More than I  can say for Astrid. At any rate, Astrid asked me to spy on him; to hide in the "Night Mother's" coffin. As I didn't really subscribe to this night mother nonsense, I agreed. Besides, what was she going to bite me? Ha!

But, as I hid....she spoke! The corpse, she spoke to me!! By Dagon! The supposed agent of Sithis spoke to me! She designated me as Listener. She told me a phrase to say to Cicero. I do believe she loves him. 

I told him what she had said. He went  bonkers! I've never seen anyone so excited!! Not long after, Astrid came in, ruining the moment. I told her what had happened and she was taken aback, I could tell. She feels threatened...she is afraid.

But..Listener. Dagon, guide me. Yet another god speaks to me! Malacath, Sanguinare,  Merida, Molag Bol, Boethia...and now Sithis' voice, the Night Mother. The Void itself...

What am I to think? Auriel? The Snow Elves? A cure for vampirism? Sithis?! 

I must return to The Deep, I am confused..conflicted! I am being tested, I know, but...but...Please, dear Mehrunes, you know I love you! Test me no more!! I must return to The Deep......

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