Mid Year, 2nd, 4E 202

Finally, I have made it back home. Back to the cool dark comforts of The Deep. I went straight to my dwelling, striped off my armor and sank into the calming darkness of my coffin. I rested there for half a day, simply letting my thoughts vanish into nothingness...into the Void.

By Mehrunes! The dagger! I must change course. I must find Mehrunes' Razor. I almost forgotten it! How could I be so stupid! That is way Mehrunes tests me. That is why She is angry with me. I have lost my focus! I will find the missing piece of the Razor and I will re-forge it! This should set things straight! I will prove myself strong - worthy - by resurrecting the Razor.  I must do so immediately! Forgive me, my Prince. I will set this right!  

Mid Year, 3rd, 4E 202

I've tracked down the last piece of the razor to Crack Tusk near Falkreath. The hold was easy to get into and the chief was nothing. An invisibility potion, some light steps, and that was about all. But, he did not have the razor shard, but I know it's here.  Finally! I have retrieved the last pieces of Mehrunes' Razor! I've brought them back to Dawnstar where the museum owner has informed me that he thinks Mehrunes himself will be willing to bind them back into a single piece once again. How exciting! I am nervous...what if my Prince is...well, what if she is displeased with me?! 

Mid Year, 4th, 4E 202

Worthy! Worthy! That is what she said! She would not speak to Silus because he was not worthy. But me! She spoke to me! She said that I was worthy to speak to! That I was worthy to be her champion! Me! The champion of Mehrunes Dagon! I am giddy! I must put away this artifact of Boethia, for Mehrunes' Razor is now my weapon. With it, I will cleanse Eastmarch..Skyrim..ALL OF TAMRIEL!! Tonight, I will head back to The Deep. We will feast! And I will feed upon the flesh of the weak and take pleasure in the company of whomever I choose! I will begin with Violet. She is so beautiful and strong. She is my favorite. After-which, who knows, perhaps I will call for that Dunmer of mine, and the three of us will scream our pleasures to Mehrunes. And then...well, then, all of The Deep will make a celebration not to be forgotten and all will have a chance to pay their respects to their Queen! What an amazing day it has been. And what an amazing celebration it will be. Praise Mehrunes! Praise!

Mid Year, 5th, 4E 202

Well, well. All the rumors appear to be true. I was on my way to Riften from Falkreath today. The quickest path leads through Helgen. I've heard so much of Helgen in my journeys. Talk of a dragon attack and so on. I put no stock in it, but neither did I care much at the time. But this time, I decided to give it a look for myself. I came up to the city, the smell of ash and smoke filled the air. I slowed my approach and decided to take caution. A good decision, as it turned out to be.  I came in from the east and was astounded by the destruction. Almost every wooden structure was burned to the ground. Then I heard footsteps; bandits. But bandits wouldn't have done this kind of damage. They often prefer to leave buildings intact so that they can use them. Could a dragon really have razed Helgen? If so, where did it go? I've seen no dragons in Skyrim. No matter. The bandits had to be dealt with.  I took down the two outside with two ice shivs each. The spell is not as easy to aim from long distances like a bow, but still deadly when cast from surprise. I found another in a tower, and dealt with him in much the same. I came upon one last patrolling bandit by the guard's entrance. After blindsiding him, too, with a shiv, I went in.  I cautiously made my way throughout the building, eliminating both beast and bandit alike; some with spell, some with blade. I even ran into a mage who proved to be quite a challenge. I hit her with a frost cloud and an ice shiv at the same time, but when I had her gasping for air, I was interrupted by her pet skeaver. The damned thing! It was enough time for her to recover. I quickly retreated. In the end, I pulled out two blades, Mehrunes' Razor, and a wickedly curved blade that I like, and then I rushed her. It proved to be too much and she exploded with the thrust of my curved blade, and the enchantment on it. All that was left were bloody bones. It was a good lesson in concentration. I will continue to Riften, but I do not think that I can ignore what has happened here at Helgen. 

Mid Year, 15th, 4E 202 

I've spoken with Delvin and have sold the amulet, as Astrid has asked. It was a rare custom made piece for someone on the Elder Council. Personally, I would have kept it, but the Dark Brotherhood, or rather, Astrid, does not hold nostalgia for such things. Oh well, I will continue to absorb what I can, and once I have learned all that they have to offer; well, that has yet to be determined.  So, I now sit in my quarters at the Mage's College, after a short stay at Caranthir. I need time to think about the job that this amulet was offered for. To assassinate the Emperor. A bold task, but if I can learn enough from the DB to perform such a task, I would be unstoppable! What I must do now is figure out how to use all of this to my advantage. To seat myself as not just Queen, but Empress! I have a feeling that the DB might be a problem in this respect - they may have to be eliminated; but, as I've said, that has yet to be determined. 

Mid Year, 18th, 4E 202 

I have been thinking about these masks as well. I do like the protection they offer, but they can, at times, be a hindrance. In addition, there is a certain satisfaction in having your victims look upon you directly; to know their killer in the final seconds of their life. To see the acknowledgement in their eyes as they realize their life is forfeit, and to then watch it fade into nothingness. To touch their cheek upon mine as they exhale their last breath, and to feel the warmth of their skin upon my lips before the cold of death sets in; before I gorge upon the blood of their now still heart. These masks are cold and unfeeling, and by extension, make me as such. My victims deserve to know who I am, for I am not some unknown monster. I am their Empress, and I love them. I will wear them no longer.

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