Mid Year, 21st, 4E 202

I found the most beautiful dress recently! Well, it's a robe, really. It's a deep but vibrant blue, like cobalt, and bears symbols of the college; and I absolutely adore it! The fabric has a delicate brocade pattern and the whole garment is trimmed with silver; actual spun silver thread! And even though it's imbued with strong enchantments that favor illusions, it's so stunning; I wish I could wear it everywhere! But, alas, such a thing would be impractical right now. But, mark my words, when I stand as Empress, I will have rooms filled with such beauty, and I will wear them all! My subjects will gaze upon me with such adoration and awe; they will be mesmerized by my splendor. Emissaries will come from afar just to see my beauty; and they shall not be disappointed. I will even be compared to the memory of Barenziah. And yet, even her beauty shall pale in the wake of my glow! 

Mid Year, 23rd, 4E 202

I've made my way back home only to find one of my recruits, Athis, lying in a pool of his own blood in the Silverbear. I asked around, and apparently he tried to impress himself upon Galathil. When she refused him, he became hostile, that's when Rune stepped in. Rune said the confrontation quickly escalated. And in the end, Athis lay dead on the floor. I can tell when someone is lying, and Rune, though a thief, is not a liar. It is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected from a member of The Companions. They are brash and subject to emotions and desires. In the end, justice was served. I will send Rune on a mission to clear his mind. Actually, I will send them all out. I've made an example of Athis to the others; that self-indulgent behavior will not be tolerated when it is at the expense of the Deep and its members. And further more have I made it clear that rape, or attempted rape, WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED! I think striping the fool down, cutting off not just his balls, but his entire member, then stuffing it down this throat, made for a very effective demonstration. Especially when I made it clear that this can be expected whether living or dead, and that Athis was very fortunate to have been dead at the time. I then proceeded to carve him up and harvest his organs right there on the floor of the inn. When I was done, I instructed all the men, save Rune, to carry his carcass outside and burn it beyond the walls. Then, bring back what remained so that it could be displayed for all to see. I do not think this sort of incident shall ever happen again.  

Mid Year, 24th, 4E 202

I gave Athis' armor to Violet to temper and tailor it for me. Once again, she did not disappoint! I really was of the mind to sell it, but was curious of its fit, so I had Violet help me into it. It is like no armor I've worn! My Dunmer blood came alive the moment I was suited! Netch leather is so much suppler than the leather used here in Skyrim. It moved like it was part of me. And, I could tell by Violet's reaction, that it looked gorgeous. Violet's touch was soft and almost alluring as she helped me don the armor. Of course I could have put it on myself, but I wanted her to help the first time, as she knew the piece inside and out. And though I've taken Violet's company on several occasions, the way she moved while helping me with this armor was different. Her touch never once lifted from the leather as she moved her hands gracefully from buckle to buckle, from chest to thigh, front to back. To see a craftsman engrossed in their work, like Violet was at that moment, is mesmerizing. Then she stood before me, and I could tell she was enamored with the results. She then looked me directly in the eyes and said, "You're beautiful". I distinctly remember that moment, because she used the word "you're", not "it's". I was numb at her words. It's the first time in my life that anyone has said them to me...and truly meant them. It's the first time in my life that I have felt that anyone has truly loved me...as much as I loved them. This armor is special. And while wearing it, I know no harm shall come to me.

Mid Year, 26th, 4E 202

So it's begun. With the assassination of Vittoria my ascension has started. I chose to bite her, but her will was stronger than I had anticipated, so I had to finish the job with the blade. I attempted to use a gate, like the one that I had used in Boethia's realm against her champions, but too much time had elapsed, and I could not whisk myself away. Fortunately, I had a backup plan, and was able to teleport my way back to Caranthir before too many guards were upon me. At any rate, the spectacle should prove entertaining to Astrid. I only hope that exposing myself, as I did, was worth it. I shall find out soon enough.

Mid Year, 27th, 4E 202

Well, Astrid has sent me on another mission; to Kill Maro, an agent of the Penitus Oculatus. I was to assassinate him in a city and plant evidence that would implicate him in a plot to kill the Emperor. It took quite a while to catch up with him, but I finally did in Whiterun. I was hoping the fool with spend the night, but he didn't, so I prepped myself to take him out before he left. With a few potions to improve my chances, I conjured a bow and took him out on the street to the main gates. I quickly fled, but was spotted. Once I thought everything had calmed down, I went back to plant the evidence. Unfortunately, I was spotted. I was able to talk my way out of it, and get the guard to look the other way, and ensure my leave of the city as well. He wasn't sure, but the 754 septims helped convince him. I planted the letter, and quickly left the city. 

Mid Year, 29th, 4E 202

When I had returned to the DB, I found chaos. Apparently Cicero attacked Astrid, but Keerava intervened and took the brunt of the attack. Cicero is now on the loose, along with the idiot Astrid calls a husband. It would seem that Cicero did not like that Astrid wouldn't give up her station, that she didn't believe that the Nightmother had actually named someone else as Listener; that someone else was now calling the shots. Astrid is a fool, as are all those that follower her. She has lost her way, and has brought shame unto the DB. This would never happen with the Morag Tong, I'm certain of it. The DB must be disbanded, that much is clear, and the time is coming quickly, for I feel that I have learned almost all that I can. It's been a bit of a disappointment, really. I had honestly thought that the DB was an elite group, but they are not. They are nothing more than an in-cohesive band of self-important nobodies that have nothing in common beyond the enjoyment of murder. Murder is not to be enjoyed; it is a calculated necessity, and each death must serve a purpose. No one here grasps that concept. Astrid may have once understood that, but she has forgotten. Instead, what she has created is a recipe for failure. And that failure rests solely on her shoulders. I will go find Cicero, and with luck, bring an end to that moronic wolf-man, if I can. If for no other reason than to rid the world of his stench. Now that would be a death with purpose. Ha!

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