Sun's Height, 3rd, 4E 202

I found the wolf, Anbjorn. He was injured, but not bad enough, I had to let him live. But someday I will watch him die. I made my way into the ancient DB sanctuary. It was guarded by ghosts of the past. As I am out of bolts, I tried the bound bow, but it wasn't strong enough. I relied on summoning daedra, which seemed to work nicely. Cicero was tucked away in a back room, and very injured. It wouldn't have taken much to end him, but, as he is the only one loyal to Sithis, I spared him. I still plan on bringing about the end of the DB, but I saw no need to risk angering Sithis by killing his one and only loyal servant. I am banking on this gesture to pay dividends in the future.  I'll let the DB lick its wounds for the time being, as I have been thinking a lot about Helgen, and the devastation there. It's time to find out more, and in doing so, perhaps discover the nature of the ancient word walls that have been imbuing me with energy, but have yet to release it. Once I know what happened at Helgen, and this power, and can harness it, then I will be ready to assassinate the Emperor. Maybe. There is a great deal of turmoil across the land. If I could bring an end to the Imperial/Stormcloak war, siding with the Imperials, of course, it would give me the clout I need to usurp the thrown. Once seated as Empress, I can then attempt to rally the vampires. Can you imagine; the DB no more, vampires under my watch, a dysfunctional thieves guild living on nothing but reputation, and an Empire under my control. There would be nothing to stop Mehrunes! And I will be there to great Her when she arrives! So it's settled, I must solve the mystery of Helgen. Since I was preoccupied last time, I'm going to go back to Helgen and look around a bit more carefully. After which, to Whiterun, I think. It is the closest major city to Helgen, and I already know Falkreath holds no answers.

Sun's Height, 4th, 4E 202

I've made it to Helgen and found a journal there. It was fairly mundane, but gave some insight about what happened there. It was a dragon! Before leaving, I also decided to check out the caves below Helgen again, just to be thorough. I'm glad I did! I found an Imperial by the name of Haldar, or something like that. I could've easily eliminated him, but I opted to heal him instead. He was greatful, and mentioned something about a stormcloak. I think he was scouting the ruins and was either followed or encountered a stormcloak, either way, they obviously crossed blades. The stormcloack was nowhere to be found, and this imperial was in no fighting condition anyway. We went to Riverwood. Haldor's uncle is the blacksmith there; that's good to know. Alvor is the smiths name, and he asked me to go to see the the Jarl in Whiterun. As I was going there anyway, I agreed.  I'm sitting in the Jarl's hall in Whiterun now, with the threat of dragons, I was introduced to the court wizard, who is investigating dragons. He asked me to find a tablet, a dragon stone, for his research. This may be the lead I was hoping for, the one that will answer my questions of the strange dragon walls. I'm off the Bleak Falls Barrow to find this stone, but first, I need to lighten my load and get some bolts made for my crossbow! I hope the smith by the gates can help in this regard.

Sun's Height, 7th, 4E 202

It took a lot longer than I had expected to smith the bolt I wanted, but they are worth the wait. When I came to Bleak Falls, I was expecting trouble, but a snow storm hit and everything was made more complicated. But, complications or not, I was able to gain entry to the barrow. A couple of bandits were camped in front of the  entry, but armed with new bolts, it was easy to get passed. I will need to be cautious, although I doubt any more bandits lie ahead of me..much worse, I fear...  Ha, so, it appears that some fool has tried to make the journey ahead of me...he was cut down by a trap instantly. What a moron. 

 Sun's Height, 10th, 4E 202

I've retrieved the stone for the wizard, but he would not tell me what he was hoping to gain from it. But, pressing matters have trumped such information. A dragon has been sighted near Whiterun. I have not witnessed such an event, but the Jarl seems to thing that I have inside knowledge, so I will go with Irileth to defeat this dragon. Apparently since I lifted the dragonstone, a series of events has been unleashed. Could it be related to the dragon walls I've encountered?  Damn! There is serious shit beneath Whiterun! I just eliminated a dragon priest and a couple of seriously bad ass skeletons! I discovered a series of sewer passages and they are proving more dangerous than I had expected... 

Sun's Height, 12th, 4E 202

Obviously I have survived the sewers. And, as instructed, I have made my way to High Hrothgar. The priests here are...calming. They have a way of focusing a person. I have learned much in my short time here, including how to force push and sprint  with the use of my voice. Can you believe it...I am dragonborn! By Mehrunes, I have been gifted with power that only a few have been allowed to possess. I have been asked to retrieve a horn..the horn of Jurgen Windcaller.  I have not asked, nor has anyone offered, any information about Jurgen, but no matter. His power shall be mine. And, of course, my power, without question, belongs to Mehrunes.

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