Sun's Height, 15th, 4E 202

As I was leaving Ivarstaed, after visiting the Greybeards, I ran into a great deal of unexpected trouble. Three men, dressed in some sort of ceremonial garb, with bone masks assaulted me. They claimed to be in the service of someone called Miraak. I found a note on one of them, but have not had a chance to read it. This may prove to be a problem in my quest for the thrown. After eliminated them, with the help of the town guard, I continued, at which time I ran into wolves and no less than three bears! Dispatching the vermin, was again attacked by these 'cultist' only a few moments later! It would seem that they travel in threes. No sooner was I catching my breath from a heated battle with these followers of Miraak, was I attacked again from some sort of magic anomaly! By Mehrunes! At this point, I had had enough! I concentrated and teleported myself back to the college. I needed to tell Tolfdir about these magical things, as I remembered after the fight that he had said something about that they may manifest themselves. An aftershock of the fiasco with the orb. No matter, the cultists are dead, the vermin slaughtered and the anomalies destroyed. I found a nice quiet place here in the Arcaneum to write and relax. Tomorrow I will continue my search for this horn...but I can't help thinking that this new threat from this Miraak and his minions will need to be addressed sooner than later. I haven't seen the last of them, that's for sure. Just another delay to the thrown!

Sun's Height, 16th, 4E 202

I'm here, near Kynes Grove. I've been lead here by a woman named Delphine. She was at Whiterun when I returned the dragonstone, and now I know why. She is a Blade. An ancient order or dragon slayers and protectors of the imperial lineage. Funny, she does not know it yet, but really, she works for me, then. Anyway, she took the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, and forced my hand to come here, to Kynesgrove. I dislike her already - though she is quite fit...  But, the trip was not wasted. I saw the black dragon, the one that destroyed Helgen; I know it's the same from writings I've found. Thing is, it was resurrecting another dragon! Damn! Now that's power! But, admiration aside, we had to kill the beast..again. It seems that that was enough, for as soon as I stepped near it, I absorbed its power, like the others. Delphine told me all after that.

Sun's Height, 17th, 4E 202

That dumb bitch thinks that the Thalmor are behind the dragons being resurrected! Unbelievable! She is so small and short sighted - or she gives the Thalmor far too much credit. Either way, they are not behind this that much is obvious. I think that this Miraak is somehow involved, but unless I wish to be as foolish as Delphine, I will not assume that to be true. I could very well be coincidence, or at the very least, unintentionally related. It is too early, and unlike Delphine, I am patient. She wants me to meet her back in Riverwood, but first, I must go back to The Deep; I've been away far too long, and I need to begin preparing my subjects for the battle that will soon be coming. Plus, I need to begin recruiting my mage captains, and training them - Caranthir awaits their arrival.  

Sun's Height, 18th, 4E 202

I found a little stronghold by the name of Narzulbur. I found them to be most pathetic. I admire Orcs, but this stronghold was pathetic. Fitting, I guess, as it resides in Eastmarch, and close to Windhelm. It was weak, and worthy of removal.

I believe I honored Malacath today. Narzulbur has been cleansed. Eastmarch will burn.  I've returned to High Hrothgar with the horn and have been formally inducted as Dragonborn! The power I felt from the greybeards was like nothing I've experienced. With each word chanted, each word I absorbed, I grew in strength and power. I now know what it takes to harness the power of dragons, what being dragonborn means. And it means power. I will be unstoppable!

I finally had time to read the note from these cultists more carefully. Indeed, they have been sent on behalf of this Miraak person, and I know where he resides - Solstheim. A small island north of Morrowind but still an important part of my people and of Morrowind. I believe that House Redoran has a strong foothold there. What that means right now, I cannot say, but Redoran is one of the Great Houses, and as a Dunmer, I must respect that. I think it's time to return to my people, there is much I do not know of them. I was hoping that this day would not come. I am a child of Skyrim, born and raised here. I belong in the province of the Dunmer about as much as a Nord or a Khajiit, but I cannot deny my calls out, and I must answer.

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