Sun's Height, 18th, 4E 202

I decided to go back to The Deep for a couple days before heading out to Solstheim. We were attacked a couple of times, but nothing my guards couldn't handle. And the rest was well needed. I stayed for the better part of a week, and decided to send out my trusted emissaries out to strengthen our relations with The Pale. I even send Violet out, with great reluctance, mind you. But she was so insistent on getting out. How can I blame her? I also spent a great deal of time crafting potions. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it! I must have spent a day and a half doing nothing but alchemy; it was wonderful! It's so relaxing to me. It brought me back to when I was a girl, when it was all so new and exciting.  

Overall, I am very satisfied with my group's work, and we are that much closer to uniting the Holds against Windhelm.

Sun's Height, 20th, 4E 202

An interesting thing happened, however, just before I had entered the Alftand Lift. A man came running up to me. He said he'd be searching for me and that someone by the name of Lurius wants to meet me at the The Bannered Mare, in Whiterun. Something about a dragon problem. I'm not sure if I should delay my journey to Solstheim or not. I've decided to come to Caranthir to think it over. No matter what I choose, Carathir's teleportation pads will be very useful. For I'll either need to travel to Windhelm and hire passage to Soltheim, or Whiterun to meet this Luruis person. Both are accessible from Carathir. But, it's been a long day, and I am tired. I will sleep on my decision. Perhaps one with seem more obvious than the other tomorrow.  

I go to Solstheim. Lurius, whoever he is, will have to wait, or deal with this dragon himself. Empresses are not summoned.

Sun's Height, 24th, 4E 202

I've landed on Raven Rock, in Soltheim, and Island of Morrowind. I never thought so many Dunmer existed! The land is harsh, but unlike Skyrim. I can see the Red Mountain! And it spew ash into the sky still! Truely amazing! I've found Glover, Delvin's brother and have given him the moonstone that he wanted. He was quite grateful and taught me a little more about how to smith. I don’t' know, though, it still feels foreign to me. He also told me someone who had robbed him. Ironic. The thief being robbed. But, it sounds interesting, a recipe for a type of armor. Apparently he has also lost a rare type of pick axe. And the man who has it has been going into an abandoned mine. Interesting...

I'm now sitting in a place called The Wretching Netch. An Inn. Comfortable. I've left the inn, and found my way into a mine, meeting an old man in the process. I would not have come in, but the ash outside was becoming unbearable. The man spoke of a cover-up by the east empire trading company. He spoke of something that sounded powerful, something I might be able to use against this Miraak. I've decided to go into the mine.

Sun's Height, 26th, 4E 202

Well, I've found Gratian, Cretius' great-great grandfather, or something like that. I should say, rather, I found what's left of him, along with several draugr, long dead, thank Mehrunes. At any rate, I am stuck in a sort of underground valley, well, it's not a valley, I really don't know what to call it. But there is a door with long lines glowing red all around it. The sword that the fool removed without careful consideration seems to be linked to the red lines; and the door.  

Success! The blade in fact was the key, literally. The damned thing is heavy, though. I don't know how anyone can fight with a weapon like this! Anyway, the door opened a short hallway, like those I've encountered just before the tomb of a revered draugr lord, or dragon priest...I must be cautious. Oh, I must be careful of the swinging blades, as well, ha! 

Sun's Height, 28th, 4E 202

My instincts were correct. A dragon priest. Luckily, using ghost walk, I was able safely discover the creature before it knew I was there, then I snuck in, hit it with a crossbow shot, and retreated. The creatures tomb was locked by a gate that I could open with a lever. So, using the lever, I locked the thing in and cast liches of my own to deal with the thing. Before long the creature was no more. Zahrosis was etched onto the inside of the mas it wore; it will go well with the others.  

There is a chamber here, however, and upon podium rests a large black book, it calls to me....  

Apocrapha! By the gods, that thing took me to Apocrapha! Hermeus Mora, herself, spoke to me! And yet another dedrea speaks, I am truly blessed! But, what a frightening place, and the creatures there are wicked and deadly. But the power! With the power this place holds, I could be invincible! I must find more of these books and return!

Sun's Height, 30th, 4E 202

I found myself a little sidetracked here in Solstheim. It's a truly unique place, and very dangerous. Upon my return from Apocrapha, I went to this Miraak's temple. It was a mammoth of a place. There I found another black book, eager to learn its power, I read it. It brought me to Apocrapha, but also directly to Miraak. I was assailed by the floating creatures I saw earlier there, and next I knew, I was back in his temple.  

I also met a woman at the temple, who was quite helpful in getting out of it. She is the daughter of a shaman for people called the Skal. They are an old Nordic tribe and have been on Soltheim for generations. That at least explains the barrows. The shaman tasked me with destroying the dwellings being built around special stones. I had to learn a special shout to do so. Upon the first stone I cast the shout at I learned that it would be much more difficult than simply casting a spell. A horrible creature rose from the pool around the stone and began attacking everything. And the dragon that attacked at the same time didn't help much either!  

Ultimately, whether or not this Miraak wants to enslave these people, I really don't care, but I get the feeling that he will not subjugate himself to me as empress. That's a problem, and one that must be eliminated. Unfortunate. 

Sun's Height, 31st, 4E 202

With the help of a mage named Neloth, I found another book. Like the other, it brought me to Apocrapha. A dangerous place, but Hemeuas Mora was there to greet me. I made it through the Lurkers and Seekers, as I've learned they are called. Horrible creatures and very deadly. But, I made it and the power gained was exhilarating. But, I need to learn more, if I am to combat this Miraak, and Hermeus has promised to show me, I only need get knowledge from the Skaal. It shall be done. But, to help my odds, I've decided to help the Skaal by finding their blacksmith and a map to a substance called Stahlrim.

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