Last Seed, 5th, 4E 202

I've returned to Skyrim, now that I believe that I have the Skaal placated, at least for now. I need to return back to The Deep and make sure that everything is in place as well as get rid of some things. I've picked up a few new ingredients that I'd like to experiment with, too. But first, I've stumbled into a place that might afford me a good opportunity to strike a blow to Windhelm. The Shatter-shield's, an influential shipping company that appears to be in league with pirates. To expose them would be...exquisite. 
I've managed to get the name and whereabouts of the pirates that the Shatter-shields are using. Their leader is a someone named Haldyr. I also met a woman name Adelaisa. She works for the EETC and is strong and confident. I would love to have such a person in my employ. Perhaps when this is done, I will try to woo her into my service.  

Last Seed, 7th, 4E 202

Mission accomplished. Haldyr is dead and the Shatter-shields are, if nothing else, horribly inconvenienced. With that, I took a boat to Dawnstar, where I was pleasantly surprised to see Shadowmere. She truly is an exquisite beast! Shadowmere and I quickly returned home, but I was too late. A damned dwemer construct took down my dragon; I arrived just in time to watch. Such a shame! My mages tell me, though, that they may have a lead on another dragon egg they can cultivate; that would be good news. Oh, and before I left Windhelm, that cursed place, I was able to talk Adelaisa into joining us in The Deep, she will be a welcome addition. 

My subjects seem a bit on edge. I guess, if I'm being honest, I am away too often, but there is so much to do! Although, I do admit, it was nice to see Violet again. 

I've taken some time to come back to the college. I've stored a few items, such as teh dragon claws I no longer need to carry around; there is a nice place in my private quarters here to keep them. I was very surprised, however, to encounter a revered dragon upon exiting. It's breath was deadly, and it took me quite some time to bring it down, as I moved about the cover of the columns. But my was it worth the effort! In its gullet, I found a bow, and not just any bow, but a longbow of Mehrunes! It's exquisite! I need to have Violet look at it at once! She is the only smith I would trust with this priceless artifact! I must go back to The Deep immediately!

Last Seed, 8th, 4E 202

Violet has fine-tuned my new bow, and her work is flawless, as usual. I've spent a good deal of time doing some housekeeping, if you will. My book collection was scattered, so I moved them all to my quarters in the Mages' College. I also took the time to separate the various letters and notices that are still worth holding on to, and selling off all the rest. I've hung my crossbow up in the private study as well, just in case I need it, and want to place Mehrunes Bow in a place of honor.  

While in area, I decide to search out this 'mysterious' elf that I had heard about some time ago. He turned out to be nothing more than a charlatan...but, such a talent has value, so I recruited him to my guild. I then took the time to visit Azura's shrine in the mountains, after all, she is a valued part of my people. I was glad that I did. I learned that there is a daedric artifact of hers that can store souls, and unlike a soul gem, it can be replenished infinitely! This is worth finding. It is Illialta, which is a great distance from Her shrine. Fortunately, I am able to use Caranthir to teleport myself to Whiterun, a much close city than is Winterhold, or even Riften, for that matter.

Last Seed, 18th, 4E 202  

Much has happened over the past week. After reaching Illinalta, I was able to find that star, although it was surrounded by mages and necromancers. Afterwards, I again teleported to Caranthir, and from there to Winterhold. I left Winterhold and made my way back to the shrine. I was stopped by a guard on the road. She wanted to put me in jail, but for what, I cannot say. Unfortunately, I really did not have the time. The weather was horrible and I needed to get to Aranea at the shrine; I was forced to kill the guard. I imagine that I will have to own up to whatever I had done at some point. But, Azura spoke to me again, she requested me! As it turned out, she wanted me to go into the star to rid it of the Maylyn that had corrupted it. What a fool! He was a powerful fool, however. Suffice it to say, I defeated him and was returned to mundus by Azura. She allowed me to keep the star, which can store a soul and not be consumed when used. It will be invaluable for enchanting!  

Last Seed, 20th, 4E 202

After, I headed south to Mixwater mill. There were some vague rumors of a stranger there. The stranger happened to be an ex-DB member. He broke a tenet and is on the run. He is steady and passionate, and was receptive to the idea that perhaps Mehrunes could help him be free of Sithis. His crime was saving a girl, how was targeted by the black sacrament by a foul man who was in love with her and felt jilted because she would not return his affections. The sick bastard deserved to die! And I hope he is suffering greatly in death! Griffith, the ex-assassin, was now taking care of the girl, so I've sent them both to The Deep. There Griffith will find solace, and the girl will be loved. I will take her as my own and Griffith will continue to care for her, as if he were her father, and she will never know suffering at the hands of a man! And if one should try, she will be trained to protect herself, I promise that!

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