Last Seed, 23rd, 4E 202

I went to the Autumn Watch Tower to destroy the dragon there, hoping to capture its soul. However, as I stand there, Miraak shows up, like some ghost, and steals it from me! I am going to have to go back to Solsteim sooner than I wanted, to get rid of this nuisance. In the meantime, I've returned to Riften to at least claim the reward for killing the wyrm. While there, I was able to acquire several new spell tomes from the Mistveil mage.  

Knowing that I was to face Miraak, I needed time to prepare. I went back to The Deep, as well as to Carathir. After which, I completed some inconsequential errands. It would appear that I was puttin off the confrontation. But I could not do so any longer after he appeared in Skyrim to steall a dragon soul from me. So, I read the Black Book.

Last Seed, 25th, 4E 202

After navigating Hermaous Mora's realm, I finally came to Miraak. I had to use the bend will shout to command a dragon to take me to him, and so I did. Upon reaching him I immediately began to summon daedrea. My constant summoning proved to be too great and the would be ruler of worlds fell. I took all he had, and then using a book brought forth by Hermaeaous Mora himself, returned to Sostheim. What an amazing experience, and to come out alive! Tamerial shall be my playground, and Skyrim my first plaything. But, believe it or not, I should return to Skyrim and complete my assassins training. The political clout will serve me well, if nothing else, as will respect in the thieves guild. I have come so far, yet there seems to be so much left to do...but for now, I will enjoy the company of my own kind here in Solstheim.  

Glover allowed me into his house today as payment for searching for his bonemold recipe. He told me to take anything I wanted. I went to the cellar where he kept his thieving items and I found this letter. It was a letter to his daughter, who he had left before she was even born. As I read it, I trembled in rage, nearly dropping the parchment and rushing out to skin him alive! But I did not. I read on. His grief and regret for his actions poured out of this letter like sap from a maple tree during harvest.   

I never really knew my father, though I remember enough that whenever I quiet myself, I can still see his smiling, laughing face and those soft, beautiful and brilliant amber-red eyes. This girl deserves at least that much; to know a father's love. I will find her. I hope she will choose to allow Glover to make amends...while it is still possible. Miraak is no more, and so now this is my mission; I leave for Riften immediately.  

Last Seed, 28th, 4E 202

Before going to Riften to find Glover's daughter, I've opted to stop at both Caranthir and Winterhold. I desperately need to get rid of many of the things I've collected while in Apocrypha. I've stored Miraak's armor at Caranthir and his mask here in Winterhold, with the other dragon priest masks I've collected. In preparation for trip to Riften, which I will likely use the teleportation pad in Caranthir for, I've stoed my Dunmer armor and have donned Glover's Blackguard armor. It fits much better than I expected, obviously Glover was a smaller man in his youth. I'll have Violet fix it up when I get the chance. It's feel more exposed in this armor; I've never had my arms bare like this, but the point of the armor is to help you go unnoticed, I guess, so that you don't need its protection..we shall see.  

Last Seed, 30th, 4E 202

I've come to the Ratway, looking for Saphire, but so far she has not shown. I'll wait a bit longer, if I don't see her, I'll head up to the Bee and Barb; I know I've seen her there on several occasions.   

Well. I cannot seem to find this woman! She is not in the Ratway, nor is she here in the Bee and Barb! I must find her! But, not all is lost. Some foolish woman by the name of Mjoll lost her precious sword, oh boo hoo! The cowardly bitch knows where it is, but won't go get it. "I feel naked without it!" She cried, "No, not Dwemer constructs! They scare me too much!" What a joke.

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