Frostfall, 3rd, 4E 202

I've taken time here in Blackreach to organize myself and my thoughts. I've also asked Violet to work on to Chitin armor I collected. Considering my decision to go up against dragons, so I've decided that a heavier armor might be better suited for the occasion. As she improved the fit, Eravan was good enough to help me brush up on my skills in wearing heavier armor. I also think that I may need a bit longer weapon than the Razor, but I'm not sure what. I'll consult with Violet and the others before I go.  

Well, the general consensus is that I use either a dragon sting or a dragonsteel weapon. Both should be strong enough to pierce their armor. I like both and cannot decide. I may simply carry both.  

Well, that was interesting! Aldiun! I faced Alduin, The World Eater! And since then, I've had new armor made, but I wonder, even if it's heavier, is it right? I don't know. I have put the chitin plate away, as it did not feel right. Instead, I now wear dragon ebonsteel. Sturdy to be sure, but it right?

Frostfall, 4th, 4E 202

I'm off to Whiterun now. After defeating Alduin on the peak of the Throat of the World, Parthuunax has made it clear that I should visit Dragonsreach and try to trap a dragon. It is the only way to truely defeat The World Eater.  

Dammit! The only way to get to Alduin is by instigating a peace treaty. After all that Ulfric has done to my people, now I must mediate a treaty with him. It goes against every fiber of my being, but perhaps it would be for the best. If both parties can agree on a truce, then the land can begin to heal and I would have that much better of a chance to sounded so good not that long ago, but will it satisfy me? Parthurnaax is so wise. Never have I encountered a being with such forsight. Next I meet him, I will ask his council, if he will give it.   

I am dragonborn. I am Queen of The Deep. I am Empress. I am lost.  

Tulius has agreed to come to High Hrothgar. Now I must speak to Ulfric, the man I have for so long blamed for the death of my mother and father. Through his "honor" and  indifference the Nords that follow him have become bigots and vessels of hate. And now, I must convince him to agree to peace. How can I do that when I myself would revel in his death? Mehrunes would have me slay him...Mehrunes would have me slay Tulius as well. Mehrunes does not care. 

Frostfall, 12th, 4E 202

I once thought my mother and father to be weak and unambitious. I was wrong.   

Windhelm awaits. I hate Windhelm.  

Ulfric has agreed. It is the first time that I've met him, that I've been so close. He is...well, I hate to admit it, but he is handsome. And his voice is full of confidence and command...and then you hear his words. They are arrogant and pretentious. This man is not a leader, he is selfish. But, if Skyrim is to be united, he must be part of the bond, like it or not. I long to see Morrowind, but Skyrim is my home...whatever that means. Mother grant me strength...father, grant me patience....

I wonder what it's like to feel the cold? It would seem that I've forgotten. 

Frostfall, 14th, 4E 202

I have taken much needed sleep and have decided to change into something more formal. I know that both Ulfric and Tulius are warriors, and as such can appreciate a warrior’s garb, but this time I feel that something less aggressive would be more appropriate. I have chosen a regal looking red robe to wear, paired with my dragonsting sword. 

Frostfall, 20th, 4E 202

I finally arrived in Ivarstead, the weather is atrocious! I have not seen rain like this in a long time. I thought that perhaps I could spend some time at the inn here and let it blow over before going to High Hrothgar, but it seems that it is not going to blow over any time soon. Too bad, the council will not wait much longer.   I was standing by the fire when I realized that the flames gave me no heat. I am neither warm, nor cold. Dagri'Lon called vampires beasts once, is that what I've become? Nothing more than a beast? One that feels nothing

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