Sun's Dawn, 14th, 4E 202

The past several days have been a whirlwind! 

I met Eola and together we defeated the draugr that had taken over Reachcliff from her, but it was certainly not easy! The deathlord within made Red Eagle seem like a new recruit. She then asked me to retrieve the priest of Arkay. Her plan was to sacrifice him to Namira. An excellent choice. There is something about this woman that I can relate to. She is strong and skilled in the arcane. She is a natural leader, yet a devout follower. I think I will ask her to come with me to Dagon's Deep, she would be an excellent ally. She is the closest to an equal that I've ever had.

When I returned with the priest, I was surprised to see a group of people waiting; all sitting around a great table. Eola spoke to the priest and he obeyed every word, it was amazing. I have no doubt that she was channeling Namira.

He lay upon the alter as if turning in for the night. I was asked to do the honors! I raised my blade and he was no more. Then the most wondrous thing happened, she spoke to me. Namira! I have now been touched by two great Daedra princes! I carved up the priest as if he were nothing more than a freshly slaughtered boar, Eola beckoned me to eat, so I did. And when the bloody flesh touched my was like my bout of vampiris...

I wanted to stay, but alas I could not; I needed to get to Dawnstar; to Dagon's Deep. I asked Eola to come with me and was delighted when she accepted my invitation.

Sun's Dawn, 19th, 4E 202

The road was treacherous! We barely made it to Dawnstar, having been attacked by various foul beasts, men, and mer.

Dawnstar was worth the trip, however. A man by the name of Silus had just opened a museum devoted to the Mythic Dawn. He asked me to help retrieve the artifact known as Mehrunes' Razor. It will be my top priority!

I was attacked by ice wraiths just outside the lift! I became surrounded, and as I swung my blade, I became turned around and hit my horse! He was already injured and could take no more. I am beside myself! I took what I could of the carcass, for what it's worth, and then I entered through the gates of Dagon's Deep, excited to show Eola what I've built so far, but first...another dragon! Dammit! And a Dwemer construct. And not long after that, a draugr, and then werewolves! I mustn't be gone for so long this time! It is late, I must rest.

Sun's Dawn, 30th, 4E 202

Eola and I have found 2 of the 3 pieces of Mehrunes' Razor! It will be glorious to see them come together!

I have come back to Solitude, it is such a beautiful city. I spent the night at the Winking Skeaver, allowing myself to enjoy the night. It's been far too long, or so it feels. Eola and I recounted our travels and were able to really spend some quality time together. She's an amazing woman. Perhaps we got too deep into our cups, but we kept feeding the bard, Lisette, coin and she played whatever we desired. We laughed, made oaths, and thoroughly enjoyed the night! I'm not sure what happened, or rather how, but late into the night, as the last of the patrons left, we spent several hours talking with Lisette. She has some fascinating stories to tell, and Eola and I sat in rapture as she told us all about her times in Markarth, Winterhold, and Whiterun, just to name a few. I don't believe there is a city that woman has not been to. She even told us about the time she had spent in Cyrodiil. I must see it!

The three of us seemed to have so much in common, and then it was time for Lisette to listen in awe. She seemed to hang on each word as we spun our own tales. It was almost a dream. When I woke up later that morning I found Lisette on one side and Eola on the other. I'm not entirely sure what happened that night, but if only it could have lasted forever!

First Seed, 1st, 4E 202

Lisette has inspired me. As a matter of fact, I sit in the bards college writing this very entry. Plus, the Inn is too dark and too noisy. I may craft a flute and begin studying. It seems so frivolous, really, but what is rule without culture?

Soon Eola and I will need to head out, but first, I need to see if the blacksmith in town can improve my new armor. Trollbone! I did not think I would like it. It's so...primitive. But I do! It's strong and practical, AND it is fierce looking! But first, I need to see about using the Palace mages enchanting table. However, I might read a bit first. The college is so relaxing. I so do love Solitude. I think it shall be my capital as well.

First Seed, 4th, 4E 202

I drummed up a bit of courage and decided to go a little deeper in to Blackreach. The dark corners of that place still unnerve me. But it was worth it! From cliff top, I was able to conjure my wraith and finally defeat that wisp mother. She has been one of the bigger worries for me.
As I wandered around, I found another lift! If I've translated the runes correctly, it is the lift of Mzinchaleft. It will be very convenient to have more than one way up and down and I am certain that there are even more.

The lift brought me to a place that is about halfway between Morthal and Dawnstar, it also brought me up just as a frost giant was wondering around. With the help of an ash spawn the problem was quickly taken care of.

I started towards Morthal and ran into a group of Thalmor. They are an embarrassment to elven kind. One fell to a swamp troll, so I decided to take a little taste...apparently the others did not think much of that and attacked me. I admit, it was a close call, but in the end, I walked away and they did not.

I am now in Morthal and digging around to find out what happened to a mother and child that burned in a house fire. Being in the good graces of the Jarl here will definitely help me in the long run, otherwise I could care less. In looking around, I was surprised to see AND speak to the ghost of the girl that burned. She mentioned something about her friend that can only come out at night..very curious...

First Seed, 7th, 4E 202

I met a man named Leifan today; a dirtball shacking up in a dead man's house. He says the smell keeps the wolves away. Oddly, I think he would be good entertainment and he has no liking for Ulfric, which is a plus, so I asked him to come along, but he has chosen to stay in that ruin of a house. Fine.

I made my way to Rorikstead only to be arrested. I honestly don't know what I had done, but at the moment it better to pay off the fucking fine. The trouble is the bastards took me all the way back to Whiterun! Fuckers!

First Seed, 10th, 4E 202

While in Whiterun, after getting out of jail, I tried to having some work done on some nice armor that I had found, but none of the smithies could help. I can't belief that! Incompetent buffoons!

So, anyhow, I am back in Rorikstead...and I have contracted vampiris again from a recent attack. I will let it run its course this time. It seems to be fate.

Can you believe it, I get here so that I can track down that Oblivion-forsaken Sam, and it turns out I need to go to Whiterun. Arhhg! I was just there!

I need another horse.

Eola is wearing on me. She is good in a fight, but she doesn't know when to be quiet. I think I will have her stay in Dagon's Deep next time we are there. I need a break from her.

First Seed, 12th, 4E 202

I've left Eola back at The Deep. She is simply too volatile to have with me as I go about my business.

I've found another lift! The Great Lift at Raldbthar. There was a path to a Dwemer ruin with a couple of bandits, but nothing I couldn't handle. At this pace, I'll never find out who Sam really is. I guess that's ok, for now.

I've also given my trollbone armor to Eola. I found a complete set of Spellbinder. It's exquisite! But time is short, and I must not write any longer. There are others here, I'm certain of it.

Note to self, recount your experiences of becoming a vampire. It was breath-taking!!

First Seed, 15th, 4E 202

Well, the bandits here have been eliminated. I don't know why, but they are always much more difficult than it seems like they should be. I'm taking this time to recover and get a bearing on where I am, exactly. Fortunately one of these thugs had a map. It seems that I am somewhere between Windhelm and Whiterun, though closer to Windhelm...This lift may prove very useful when the time comes to bring Ulfric down.

But, of becoming a vampire... What a truly amazing gift! I do not understand why anyone would not want this. As I entered Whiterun the other day, I passed beneath the outer gates, and when I hit the sunshine on the other side, I felt pain like no other. It passed quickly, but for a brief moment, I was blinded and every bit off me screamed in pain. I did not expect it to happen so quickly! But then it was a moment of unbelievable clarity! The sounds, the smells, everything was so vibrant! Even time itself seemed to slow. And though there was a chill in the air, in that flash, that instance, it was gone. I revel in the idea of discovering my abilities over the next days and months. With some concentration, I can see in the darkest places with little's the most glorious things thing has ever happened to me!

And through I am not really tired, I think I will rest. Or at least quiet my mind. It has been a busy few days.

First Seed, 18th, 4E 202

Back in The Deep. I am very happy to return to my quiet place away from the world. I love it here so much. It is dark and serene. But, there is so much to do.

In my absence I lost several guards and had to hire more. But the raids upon my home were not a complete disaster, the things that I was able to get sold made me a nice profit. It allowed me to make several upgrades to the compound. Beyond hiring more guards, I was able to have a large watch tower built next to the Alftand Gate. I was also able to have a structure built at the Central wall. This is a particularly vulnerable spot, as there is no gate, but with the addition of spikes on the outer perimeter, it is has become a dangerous entry point, too. Regardless, I've instructed my guards to make sure that opening is their priority. I've also been able to place several torches at key locations, after all, not all can see in the gloom like I can.

I have talked to Sareio about stocking some larger braziers to light; there are actually a few places outside the walls that I would like to lighten up so that my sentries can see better. He said he would look into it but could make no promises. I must find a blacksmith to come here, though! Overall, I am very happy with Dagon's Deep and feel extremely safe here; safer than I do up top! I think back to when I first woke up here. It was truly the first time that I felt alone. I was so terrified. I remember after my escape, I could not eat and cried myself to sleep. The people at the Inn must have thought me a loon. But that was a life time ago, now. So many tears have rolled down my cheeks in years gone by that I vow tears will not be shed by me ever again!!

Oh, I have almost forgotten as there has been so much going one! I finally found "Sam".

Sam turned out to be none other than Sanguinare, the Daedric prince! The whole drinking thing was nothing more than entertainment. And for my efforts, for I must have proved to be very entertaining, he gave me a wondrous staff with which I can conjure a Daedra! It's wonderful!

First Seed, 27th, 4E 202

I used the staff of Sanguinare to help defeat a dragon priest in the mountains. It was Krosis. I also found a shallow grave of an ancient assassin. He bore the armor of the Black Sacrament; a long gone organization of renown abilities. It was a tremendous find. Along with the assassin was mention of "the final five", and clues to their last known whereabouts. I will need to look for these individuals, for no doubt they also have preserved with them incredible artifacts that can be used to serve my Lord.

Currently, I am in Riften, and will continue to Lost Tongue Overlook. There are rumours of a lost set of armor there, armor made for a vampire. I wish to find it, though I admit, I will be hard pressed to leave my heavy steel shell behind. But, before I go back, for I was already there, but unprepared, I am waiting for the smith to complete work on my bow. It should be ready when I return from the Ratway.

Rain's Hand, 1st, 4E 202

It has been far too long since I've sat in the quite and contemplated all that has happened. Reading back, I was still looking for the vampiric armor called seems ages ago since I've written that. I did indeed obtain the methods to craft it. I say that because to my surprise, it was not a set of armor waiting to be found, but rather a spell book that opens a new dimension of the Chaos forge, the very same forge that is tapped by the Ancient Black Sacrament Assassins. Anyway, the armor is beautiful, if not a bit revealing. I know it's all part of being created in the chaos forge, but I still wonder exactly how it is able to provide the amount of protection is does, without further enchantments, of course. But no matter, it is usable armor with the added benefit of allowing the wearer a certain amount of seduction. However, as lovely as I find it, it is not appropriate for every day wear, so I sought after another armor that I had heard about call Blood Witch. The name sounds a bit crude, but it is quite fetching as well, and a great deal more practical. It may garner the attention of others, but only because it is unique, unlike the Lustmord, which stirs attention by physical accentuation. Personally, I'd rather hear comments about the armor than my bosom or my "fine ass", unless I am working that angle for advancement, of course! Ha!

So, what else has transpired? Well, I've recruited a couple of new folks to the fold. Both are Dunmer. One is a woman that is able to cultivate nirnroot! She worked closely with Sinderion, the poor soul whose laboratory I took over. I read about her in some of his journals and decided to follow up with her. She was working a farm and trying to keep her sister in line. She was exhausted, poor thing, but I was able to convince her that her sister should be allowed to follower her own path, and that if she came with me, she could continue Sinderion's work in peace. Considering her mental state at the time, it was an easy sell.

She was a bit overwhelmed at first went she came here, seeing the vast space and the complex that I have built. But, she has been a very good addition and I am pleased with her acclimation. The other is some asshole that I ran across in a tavern somewhere. He is so crass, but has the perfect skills and attitude to be a leader in my eventual army. I despise him, which is why he must stay! Hmm, maybe I will even have him as a concubine when this is all over and done...him and that scrumptious bard at the college in Solitude...Ha! While I'm at it, I should put Jolene from Markarth on that list, just to change it up! But as a follower of Dibella, she may be difficult to persuade, but if not her then Lisette...haha, I must be getting weary, for my mind wanders.

Rain's Hand, 2nd 4E 202

Aside from the foolishness of who I will take as concubines when I rule, it has been a long journey to now, and I feel I am no closer to destroying my old coven and Ulfric than I was went I woke up here. True, it has taken much to secure and build up Blackreach, and even though the compound is constantly attacked by all manner of creature, I have never once felt it was in danger of falling. Actually, I have just added a piece that will ensure the survival of Dagon's Deep all the more.

Several days ago, well, much further back than that really, but several days ago I charged my hirelings to build a scaffold to the top of the building just outside of the mine. When completed, working with my mages, I constructed a special outcropping of rock atop the ancient Dwemer structure. The purpose was to create a safe perch for the dragon that I tasked my mages with in taming. With all the unexpected dragon activity down here, I felt that if I could domesticate one for my own use, then this compound would truly never fall!

In their rounds, my head mage came upon a most curious thing, an abandoned dragon egg! Likely the orphan of one of the dragons that was killed during an attack. He and the other mages took it, incubated it magically and accelerated its growth, and now, within a few short months, I now have a fully (though adolescent) domesticated dragon!

Rain's Hand, 3rd 4E 202

Since the dragon's reveal, I have so many questions. Is there a better way of controlling a dragon? I have come across several word walls. I know what they are, and am familiar with the runes, but there is an energy there, one that passes from the wall to me. How can I use this?

What of the assassins, could they be a potential exploit? I have been attacked a couple times now. Each time the assassin bears a note that only states that I have been targeted through the Black Sacrament. Could my coven have learned of my survival and are now taking to the assassins guild for my elimination? If so, is it possible to penetrate the guild and set their work against my old coven?

There is a man in Riften that keeps going on about a mine and that there is trouble there but the guards will do nothing about it. Do I investigate? Even if mad, it is likely that he is on to something, it would be a shame to not capitalize on it.

I also hear whispers of a powerful vampire clan called the Volkihar. Are they a threat or a potential ally? And what of this Dawnguard I keep hearing about? They sound like a definite problem. But how do I infiltrate an organization designed to destroy vampires, as a vampire? The answer to that may be hidden in the shadowy secrets of the assassin's guild...or maybe the thieves. But really, let's be honest, if I were going to hire someone to infiltrate and learn secrets, I'm not sure if a thief is the best tool for the job.

Well, it sounds like I've made a decision. I need to get a foot into the assassin's, how to do that? I need to do some research.
And dammit! I still need a blacksmith! That buffoon from Rorikstead was very capable, but much too skittish. I found a very old spell tucked away in an old Dwemer chest that allowed me to cloud his mind and send him back home. After all, a quality smith is a valuable asset. The spell, however, was more powerful than I expected and sapped me of all my strength. I had to lie in my coffin for a week before I could stand. On top of that, the spell faded from memory almost instantly, so I cannot cast it again, even if I wanted to, which I DO NOT!! But I should stop here. There is much to do.

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