Frostfall, 31st, 4E 202

I can't believe it! I actually went to Morthal and spoke to Falion and he did it! I am me again!!!!!  

It's hard to a fog that has cleared. For the first time in what seems a lifetime, I can feel again! It was almost immediate once Falion had completed the rites. The first thing that I remember was the cold. I could feel the cold kiss my cheeks once again. And the wet, and then, back in the inn, the heat of the fire! I never thought that I would ever feel them again; that I would ever want to. But now that I do, I miss it so! Oh to sleep! To really sleep! I cannot wait! I know that I must continue, that the Stormcloaks and Imperials will again be at each other’s throats, so I must soon find out for certain whether or not the treaty has held. If not...I don't know. I will let The Voice guide me. No. I will let *My* Voice guide me. For the first time in my life, I truly feel free.  I've come to Solitude on my way to find out why the Thalmor have taken hostage the Whiterun citizen. Upon my leave, a courier stopped me. A man by the name of Jorn has left me an inheritance. Sadly, I do not remember him, but no doubt he was a victim of the vampire raid that I encountered on  my way to the Winking Skeaver. I still cannot believe that I let myself be thrown in with that lot. Vile selfish creatures. Voice guide me.  

I've found the Whiterun man and was able to free him, but he fears returning to Whiterun, it would see that this truce has been all for show. I must end it once and for all. I will talk to the Imperials in Solitude about it soon. Also, while in Whiterun, a strange but much too familiar feeling came over me as the sun set. By the gods, cannot I get no reprieve from this accursed affliction! I ran as fast as I could to Acadia's, hoping beyond hope that she would have a curing potion. She did! 

Sun's Dusk, 4th, 4E 202

I took the potion and came straight here to Caranthir. I'll rest here tonight and think. How can I in good conscious go to High Hrothgar while the vampires continue to assult the people of Skyrim? How can I go while the war continues? The war must end first, only then will Skyrim be strong enough to take on the vapire threat.  

Sun's Dusk, 6th, 4E 202

I've joined the Legion. I didn't like the oath, however. I've had enough of belonging to someone else..once in the Legion forever in the Legion...that sounds familiar. The Voice at least comes from within. By pledging myself to the voice, what I am really doing to is pledging myself to me, to the act of self-exploration. The Voice will be my only way moving forward. Anyway, it's the only way the fools would listen; the only way they would accept my help.  

I'm in Whiterun right now, waiting for a bow from Eorlan, and then I need to continue helping the Imperials.  

Sun's Dusk, 8th, 4E 202

I've returned to The Deep. As expected, the keep was in full chaos due to attacks by all sorts. After quelling the attacks, I began dismissing my followers. They are no longer bound to me as I am nothing more than a foolish woman with anger in her heart. I've asked Violet if she would stay, and to my relief she said that she would. I will soon leave this place, never to return.  

Sun's Dusk, 12th, 4E 202

I've escorted Violet to High Hrothgar. When I first talk to the monks about staying here, they were reluctant, but accepting. The accommodations that they have provided are astounding! After Violet accepted my invitation to stay as my personal smith, I brought her here. The monks were not very keen on the idea of a non-practitioner of the Voice here, but I was very adamant about her staying, and after much discussion, she has been allowed to stay. As I will be about helping to end this war, and then the vampire menace, she will stay in my quarters. When I am here, I will assume a bedroll on the floor near the fire, giving her the bed.

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