Sun's Dusk, 12th, 4E 202

As we arrived just before midday, I showed Violet the smithing station. I apologized for the location, as it is outside in the cold, but she didn't seem to be bothered by that. "I am a Nord, we thrive in the cold!" She chuckled. "Besides, I will have the furnace to keep me warm." I smiled as she appeared to find the station exceptional. I will continue my challenge of quelling this war tomorrow.

First Seed, 1st, 4E 204

And so I end this journal. It has been almost two years, but finally the war has come to an end and the vampires are no more. I now sit in my refuge near Parthurnaax and the other dragons. There is a lifetime of learning to be done...

Hmm, as there is an infinite amount of things to learn, I suppose it will require an infinite number of lives to do it. But for now, I will start with today.
Voice guide me.