Rain's Hand, 5th 4E 202

Violet came back today from the little goodwill expedition that I had sent her on a few days ago. We must present the best face to those that surround Windhelm, after all, mustn't we? Windhelm and all of Eastmarch with burn!

But, back to Violet. It never fails, whenever I pass by her, she asks if she can help me by sharpening my blade or fixing my shoulder plate. She is a blacksmith's widow, but I never really thought that *she* might actually have worked alongside her late husband. So, on a lark, I gave her a blade that I had found that I rather liked the shape and color of, and told her to improve it for me.

She looked at it and her demeanor immediately changed. She became quite serious, and scrutinized it for the longest time. She agreed that it was a beautiful blade, worked by a very talented smith. Then, as if I wasn't even there, she focused her attention back on the blade, delicately caressing the inlay and the patterns of the folded steel. I was taken aback, but intrigued by her focus. However, my patience was running thin, could she or could she not improve it? At the moment, almost sensing my building ire, she looked up and said, "malachite". "What?" I stammered. "Malachite. This blade is blended with malachite and can only be improved with malachite. Have we any?" I told her that I thought so, but would check. We did. It may be that the smith I was looking for has been here all along!

Rain's Hand, 10th 4E 202

I went to pick up my blade from Violet today. She was in the Inn, and the mood was quite jovial. It pleases me to see my subjects happy. As I walked towards Violet, she rose from her seat, picking up a scabbard as she did. "Ah, your sword is ready." She said, with a smile. "I hope it is to your liking. It is truly a beautiful work of art. A weapon fit for royalty, I should think." She unsheathed it, held the blade upon her palms, and offered it to me. And with a bit of mirth in her voice she said, "Your blade, my queen."

I was reaching for the weapon, but paused when she said this, my fingers resting gingerly upon the inlaid handle.

Her smile quickly faded when she realized that I was not going to pick up the blade. She began to tremble ever so slightly and not wanting to move for fear of dropping the sword, she was held fast in place. I stepped closer, not yet grabbing the blade. "I'm, I'm sorry m'lady. I, I meant nothing by it. Please, I, I beg your forgiveness." I wrapped my hand around the hilt, but did not carry any of the weight; I did not want Violet to move quite yet.

It was smooth and warm and fit my hand perfectly. I knew right then that her work was of superior quality. With the back edge of the blade facing me, I quickly brought the flat of the blade beneath her jaw. She whimpered and flinched slightly, but otherwise did not move. I could see tears welling up in her beautiful green eyes. Tipping the blade slightly, I forced her to look at me, and when our eyes met, I smiled softly as I could, and said, as tears began to stream down her cheeks, bending to the corners of her mouth before falling to the floor. "My dear lady Hayes. It is right of you to call me queen. For I *am* a queen. I am queen of Blackreach. For this is my realm. I am Queen of The Deep; its master. And all who enter do so at their own peril!

"You needn't fear me, dear Lady Hayes." I continued. At this point, using the blade beneath her jaw, I stood her to her full height, and with her gaze fixed upon mine, I drew her in close. Our faces nearly touching, my blade still leveraged upon her, I playfully batted her nose with mine, then I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. I can still feel her quivering lips upon mine. I can still taste the salt of her tears. Before I withdrew, I removed the blade from her throat and slid my free hand under her hair.

With her eyes still focused upon mine, and my left hand firmly grasping her by the hair, I gently pulled her head back. I could hear the blood rushing through her veins. The smell of her was intoxicating! I put my mouth to her neck, caressing her skin with my fangs, even scratching her ever so gently. It took all my willpower to stop, but I did.

I withdrew once more, keeping hold of her hair, however.

Then I spoke once again. "My Lady. You have been nothing but the most loyal and willing servant. You have represented me as my emissary to Winterhold when asked, and have done so flawlessly. And now you prove your worth as a most skilled smith. You needn't weep, for you are much too important to me. You are in-fact, an essential part of my court." And then, looking her straight in the eyes, I said slowly, clearly, and loud enough for all to hear. "I shall not let any harm come to you." And with that, I walked her backward until the back of her knees met a chair. I then pushed her gently downward until she was seated. When she was, I released her from my grip. I then looked at my sword and sheathed it.

"Now, you've had a busy day." I told her. "Let Avrusa here draw you a warm bath. You are to take the rest of the day off." Then, raising my voice, I continued, "Let it be known to all that from hence this day forward, Lady Violet Hayes shall be my official smith. No one shall forge even a single nail without her blessing or supervision.

Let it also be known that Lady Violet Hayes is my first court appointee, and will henceforth also be considered my vizier. All appointments with me shall first be vetted by her." I then turned and walked to the door, but stopped. And without turning I said these final words. "Lady Hayes, you will go with the merchant next time he travels to the surface. You will go to that bitch in Solitude and be fitted for two dresses. One shall be appropriate for your new station. That one is for me. The other is for you, choose what you fancy. And spare no expense; I will make arrangements with the merchant."

The room was silent when I left. Even that asshole Dunmer, Erevan, had nothing to say. Well, that's not entirely true, he was able to stammer out, "Allow me, my Queen," as he stumbled to open the door for me.

It's been a good day.

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