Sun's Dawn, 7th, 4E 202

So, I went to Windhelm. I needed information on the Dark Brotherhood and I've been all around Skyrim, except Windhelm.   

Bile rose to the top of my throat as I approached the gates as a flood of horrid memories came at me from all sides; I did not expect the memories to come back to strongly, or so vividly..and then I was greeted with the most vile of guards. Filthy dark elf, I believe were his words. I could've torn his throat out right there, but I had to refrain. 

I entered the city. It smelled as I remembered. It looked as vile as I remembered. I began instantly to wonder why I even came to this wretched city and its vulgar small minded petty meaningless people. At the gate two men were insulting a Dunmer woman. It was beginning to get dark, so I followed one of them, determined to wreak a bit of havoc. I attacked him, but curse my fury! It made me blind and I did not see the others behind me. The man I attacked was strong and escaped when the others began making a commotion. I ran and hid until no one was around, I had to get out unnoticed, but I could not leave my horse which was still at the gates. I needed time to think. Within minutes this city had managed to rattle me and make me feel as if I were 10 again. I hate it here. Windhelm MUST BURN!! 

I remembered a sewer grate not far from my old home; I made my way to it and slipped in. After clearing out vermin and other unwanted, I explored the tunnels, hoping to find an exit out of the city. Instead, I found an ancient door. It opened to a very old part of the sewers. As I moved along, I heard voices ahead, elven voices. Thalmor! With my crossbow, I quickly eliminated them. Among their things I found a note stating that they were there to ensure that Ulfric did not take the crown. I thought for a brief moment that perhaps I should have not killed them, but they are Thalmor, they would not have parlayed with me. 

I took a ladder up that was at their station. It was the only way out. It lead me to a basement room. It was small and deserted, so I searched around for anything interesting. In a locked chest I found a note that seemed quite important, so naturally I took it. I haven't read it yet, though, I will do that in the comfort of my own home.  

I exited the basement with caution. The house was small, but nice, and more importantly occupied with only one resident so far. I found an invisibility potion and used it, as they were very close to the door out, and made my way out without incident. Praise Mehrunes! But damn! I was in still in Windhelm! I heard a mother and child talking, so I quietly moved to my left to better hear. They were talking about a boy, a boy who was performing the Black Sacrament! What luck! And not only that, but he was doing it in the very building they were standing next to! That I was next to! I waited for them to leave and then let myself in. 

True enough, a boy was upstairs chanting the ritual. I moved up and tapped him on the shoulder. He was thrilled to see me; he thought that I was an assassin. I said nothing but played the part. If I was going to learn how to infiltrate the Dawnguard from the assassin’s guild, this was my foot in the door. I accepted his contract and waited until dark to leave.  

I ran to the front gate, hoping that I could catch the guards there by surprise and get away before they could organize, but I should have known better. They arrested me, but let me go with only a 40 septim fine; pittance.  

I immediately made my way to Riften, but was ambushed by vampires in Shores Stone, a master among them at that. The local guards joined in. But between the darkness, the rain, and the chaos, I must have hit a guard. When the last of the vampires dropped, the guards immediately arrested me. Hoping for another minor fine, I gave in. But no! Prison! They took me to prison! By Mehrunes these Nords are truly stupid people! At least it was to the Riften prison.  

I did my time, a few days, nothing more. It gave me time to think. When I was freed, it was night time and I was release just around the corner of the orphanage. Then, suddenly all the guards went running towards the center of town. Some sort of commotion. I couldn't have planned it any better. Slipping in and taking out this Grelod was easier than I had thought it would be. After exiting the building, I quickly made my way to the stables. When I got there, my horse was missing. Those damned fools! They arrest me, but leave my horse at Shores Stone? Idiots! All of them! Luckily, Shores Stone is close and I was able to make it there on foot in good time.   

At any rate, I sit in the Arentino residence in Windhelm, writing and waiting for the sun to go down. Which reminds me, I've found a way into Windhelm that allows me to bypass the fools at the gates!  

Under the main bridge, across the river, there is a sewer opening. One can take this entrance and make their way either to the market place, or the Halls of the Dead. Personally, I find the Halls of the Dead to be less conspicuous. It's nice not having to suffer a Nord when you don't have to.

Sun's Dawn, 8th, 4E 202

I met an interesting woman in the Halls of the Dead. She was a vampire, but quite sullen about it. I was able to learn her story, though, and thought she might be a good addition to my guild. I was happy that she accepted my invitation. It will take some work to retrain her mind and shake her from the doldrums of her past, but she has a lot of potential, I think. She is Dunmer and I think pairing her on missions with the asshole Erevan will be good for her. He'll help shake up her perceptions!  Ah, the sun has set, it time to go. 

Sun's Dawn, 9th, 4E 202

I've made it out of the city, thank Mehrunes! Windhelm is even more wretched and abysmal than I remember. It was good to go back, though, as a reminder of why I left. Some new residents are in aunt and uncle's house and I didn't see them. I wonder if they're dead. As a matter of fact, I didn't recognize anyone, could they really all have died or moved on? I guess my stay was harried at best, and I avoided as much contact as possible. It's hard to say..  

Right now, I am in Kynesgrove. A courier met me and gave me a note. It only said We Know, with the imprint of a hand. Perfect! I got their attention, but now what? Their move, I guess. It is early morning and the sun will rise soon. I will stay here in Kynesgrove until sun set. I've rented a room, and though it's not as cozy as my coffin back home, perhaps I can get some rest. It's been an exhausting couple of days.

Sun's Dawn, 10th, 4E 202

I woke up in a shack that smelled of death. High on a bookshelf sat a masked woman. It was she who had sent the note. Finally, contact! She made it quite clear that I was to kill one of three captives she had there; to make up for the kill that I had "stolen" from the Dark Brotherhood. I spoke with each one and they all proved pathetic in their own way. I chose to take them all out, plus, I was hungry.  

I fed on each in turn, starting with the Nord mercenary, until each dropped lifeless in my grip. I so often feed on the dead that I forget how sweet fresh, living blood is. Wiping the corners of my mouth and licking my lips, I returned to my captor. To my surprise, she was not fazed at my method of execution, but she was impressed with my initiative. She invited me to the Dark Brotherhood's sanctuary - to become a member of their guild! I am one step closer to infiltrating the Dawnguard.  

Once outside of the shack, I realized that I was less than an hour’s walk from Solitude, so that is where I went. Currently I write from the Bard's Collage. I met another vampire here! His name is Edwayne, and he is a poet and has the most alluring singing voice. Alas, I could not persuade him to come to Blackreach with me. He is a bit cocky, but his reasons for being so are sound. We talked well into the morning, as the others slept. He is not exceptionally handsome, but possesses a certain charm.

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