Sun's Dawn, 14th, 4E 202

While at the College, I gave Viarmo the verse of king Olaf; he was extremely happy...until he discovered that half of it was unreadable. We pieced it back together as be we could. I was glad for Edwayne's tutelage. Viarmo brought it before Elisif. After she approved the burning of king Olaf, I spoke to Sybille. She's a nasty, haughty woman. She asked me to eliminate some vampires nearby, as if it was of some sort of favor to ME! I think I will place their heads upon her bed!  But, before I do that, I decided to attempt the arena once again in Boethia's realm, but I cannot find the key to get into the basement of the Pentius Oculatus outpost in Dragon's Bridge. I looked all over the Field lab, and even went to Winterhold to check room there. And that's when it dawned on me. When I was all wound up at Windhelm, and got myself arrested, they took the key, but did not give it back! Dammit, now I have to go back there! But, my current excursions in Mizenchelft have giving me an idea.  I discovered another lift in Blackreach there, and was able to wiggle my way in from the back door, so to speak, but what really matter is, I was able to done a full set of Falmer armor that I had taken from a dead Falmer there. In it, I was able to walk right up to the foul beast! They thought I was one of them. I wonder if the same could be done with the Windhelm guards? After all, they're Nords, and only slightly more intelligent than the Falmer, if even at all. I must find a complete set of gear. 

Sun's Dawn, 15th, 4E 202

Luck was with me! As I approached Windhelm, I saw a small patrol of archers off the road. I quickly found a place to ambush them. I brought one down with my crossbow, hitting him from behind. The other two quickly found me but chose to stay back and try to take me down with arrows. We played cat and mouse, and even though they grazed me a couple of times, my armor held fast and damage was kept to a minimum. Their armor, however, was easily pierced by my more powerful crossbow. Needless to say, I won the day. I hid the bodies, taking the least damaged armor first. I then rode into Windhelm, unchecked!  I quickly made my way to the Palace, being stopped only once by some thick fool that wanted to talk about the murders. As if I care. I ignored him, and pushed on. I eventually found the guards room, getting lost for about 10 minutes first. It was early yet, so I milled about, acting as if I belonged. No one questioned me. When night fell and all were asleep, I quickly picked the simple chest, and grabbed the key. That's when it struck me. There has to be a way into the sewers from here. The first logical place I thought was the dungeon. And there it was, in the corner, an access. Waiting until the dungeon guard was looking the other way; I quickly slipped into the darkness below. I've been here before, so finding my way was quick and easy, and before long (after ditching that retched stormcloak shit) out beneath the bridge I emerged. I couldn't have hoped for any better. Mehrunes was with me. I could feel it. I know sit safely in the mage's college.

Sun's Dawn, 23rd, 4E 202

But, before I came to the college in Winterhold, I had unfinished business with Boethia. Entering her realm from below the Penitus Occulatus post was easy, and this time I was prepared.   I enter the arena, but before doing so, I cast a storm gate outside of it. From what I remembered of last time, the gate was magically shut, so I did not fear my opponent coming out of the arena. And, as expected, once I stepped foot into the arena, the gates closed and my first combatant appeared. That's when I activated the gate. Suddenly, I was outside of the arena.   I spent the next 20 minutes, or so I'm guessing, picking apart each opponent with both crossbow and summons until all 10 were dead. Boethia never once opened the gate to let them out. Either she did not care, or was rewarding me for my creativity. When all was done, I phased back into the arena, took all of the loot, and jumped the portal she had created. It was flawless. Now, I must return to her shrine and open the tomb there. More artifacts remain to be collected.  But that leaves me with a problem. I must speak with the assassins, for I must know there secrets. But, being here at the college is also a good opportunity to gain there trust. The mage's college would be quite a boon to have one my side when I erupt from The Deep. I have already been working on the region by sending my subjects here to do good deeds and spread goodwill. Imagine. Mages coming down upon Windhelm from the north. It will be glorious! So, it is decided, I think. I will continue here with the mages for now, then, back to Boethia, ending with negotiations with the assassins. After all that, Dawnguard! And then...and then Windhelm burns!!!!  Ah, I mustn't forget. While I'm here, I need to do more research on those word walls. The text is unusual, and by itself, makes little sense, but when I encounter one, and read it, I feel a surge of power! I must find out what it means!  I've been asked to run errands; to find some books. Fine, I'll play along. And Ancano...typical Thalmor...

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