Sun's Dawn, 25th, 4E 202

So, the mages want me to fetch some books. Well guess where those books are? Fellglow. My old stomping grounds. That fucking Caller will pay for leaving me to die!  

Fellglow was everything I remembered it to be. Cold, sprawling, and full of garbage. I snuck in, and one by one eliminated each and every necromancer there. I don't believe they expected a vampire to come knocking. Ha!  

I especially enjoyed draining Sifkni, Fellgrim, and Rolgbi of every last drop of blood. They were the worst; horrid people that deserved every bit of suffering they got! And then there's The Caller. That bitch! At first she didn't recognize me, and then it began to dawn on her who I was. She was surprised, I could tell, and a bit afraid. "Take the books." She said, when I told her what I was if that's all I came for. She then turned her back on me; a fatal mistake. I took her down with one shot of my crossbow, and then my summoned dremora did the rest. She was so weak it was pathetic! I can't believe that I looked up to her before! And when all was still, I savored every last drop of her blood, and then I tore her remains apart, harvesting her innards. What could not be harvested, I burned. The smell was intoxicating! Like incense on a day of worship!  

I spent the next day or so harvesting bones and flesh from the rest of them, destroying what could not be salvaged. Except for the heads and hearts of Sifkni, Fellgrim, and Rolgbi, I have special plans them.  

With bones, carefully prepared, all about me, I arranged enough of them to assemble two full skeletons; for that is all the empty soul gems that I had. I made the incantations and cast the spell to reconstitute the two skeletons, making damn sure that one of them was conjured from the remains of The Caller. Now she serves me!  

I sit in Fellglow writing this entry, unable to contain my laughter at how pathetic each and every one of them was. Weak and utterly clueless! I should really thank them, though. If they had not abandoned me in Blackreach, I would not know my potential, what true power was, and what real survival could do for a person. Tonight, I will stuff the heads of Sifkni, Fellgrim, and Rolgbi, jamming each ones' heart in their mouths. And then I will roast their heads, along with flesh from the others, over a spit! I have not consumed flesh in a long time, but tonight I feast!! Fellglow now belongs to me!

Sun's Dawn, 28th, 4E 202

I'm still in search of the Staff of Magnus, but for now, I need to return to the mages college. The same monk from the Psijic order has told me as much. But, in the meantime, I have found another piece of the Aetherium medallion. Can you imagine, Aetherium, within my grasp! If I can continue to work the college, I will have them at my disposal - *and* Aetherium? Windhelm will have no chance!   

It has been a whirlwind week! Ancano paralyzed the college, and in fact, the whole of Winterhold, by attempting to use the Eye that Tolfdir and I found. I needed to stop him; fortunately, the books I was to find revealed a way. I was to find the Staff of Magnus. No small feat!! The Dragon Priest Morkei proved simpler than I would have expected, but then again, I did not engage him in close combat (as is my way), getting to him, however, was exceedingly difficult.  

The Sanguinare staff has been indispensable! That whole "Sam" fiasco has been nothing but a boon! The dremora that the staff can conjure are powerful and provide the perfect distraction. In addition, I have discovered how to conjure multiple dremora, so I can double the power of the staff as needed! The conjurations proved invaluable! I shall every hold Sanguine among my favorites.  

As for the resurrected Fellglow necromancers? The Caller? Well, they proved as weak in death as they were in life. Eliminated not long after the conjuration of their bones. Their failure has now come full circle, and their worthlessness shall be their legacy; and it shall fade faster from history than the time it has taken to write this.  

But, back to the college.  

First Seed, 1st, 4E 202

Aptly named, for Winter rules this land! Ice and snow are its allies, and blizzard thine protector! Whether it is the after effects from Ancano's meddling, or simply the way of things, I do not know. But, I have yet to travel Winterhold in the absence of blinding snow! I became terribly lost travelling to Labyrinthian! And again, to my home in Blackreach. The weather was so bad that I had no choice but to walk my horse for most of the way toward the Alftand Lift; going any faster, and I would have galloped right off an ice cliff! As it is, I'm surprised that I found my way home and not over by Morthal or the Northwestern Coast of Haafinger! It is a wretched region, and yet, something about it I find endearing. I think perhaps it is exactly that which is most frustrating, and dangerous: the weather. it is the regions great equalizer! And for that, I give my respects. All the more reason to build good will.  

Ancano. I cannot believe he acted upon more than his own aspirations. That much I respect. However, he was sloppy. His lack of patience for power has brought him to ruin, and by that, I mean death. I could have worked with him, but he could not perceive the greater good, and therefore became an obstacle that was to be removed. A pity, really. Oh well. But, good still came from the college's happenings. I ingratiated myself with the tenured mages, and was ever offered the position of Arch-Mage! I was tempted to take it, but I have much to do. Tolfdir, on the other hand. Well, he is on good terms with everyone, including myself! He will make a fine leader of the college, as I know I will always have his ear. The decision to follow up in Winterhold was well founded; Mehrunes be praised! Winterhold has been secured!  

Oh, I almost forgot! I recruited another member of the Deep! I came across him as I was making my way back home. He's another Dunmer, though I forget his name at the moment. He's a strong warrior, and also a member of The Companions. They are an honor bound group from Whiterun, and may prove valuable in the future. Anyway, I had a strong feeling that he would be a good addition. I may send him to Whiterun on my behalf to strengthen my relationship with them. Whiterun will be important in the conquest of Windhelm.

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