First Seed, 3rd, 4E 202

In thinking about my subjects, I don't intend to favor the Dunmer (my own race), but as honestly as I can be, they exhibit the most non-biased facade! With so many bigoted people here in Skyrim, how can I ignore the common sense of my own race! Honestly, I could care less of the person's heritage, so long as they are willing to follow me, but so many of them are so narrow minded or ignorant, with no desire to understand, that I almost have no choice but to single out my own! It's sad, really, but right now, that is how it seems to be working out!

So. After the events of Winterhold, I have decided that my face shall never be shown again. I am the Queen of Blackreach and the Puppet Master of Winterhold. Only those that are worthy shall know my true identity. For the rest, they shall only know me as the Masked Queen of The Deep! 

I have enchanted two masks: one of ebony and one gilded in gold; both replicas of those of The Tribunal. I prefer silver, and will have one made soon enough, but for now, gold will be my calling, my empathy. Ebony will represent my wrath! As for others, that is to be determined.

I've found the dagger that I can use to cut off dragon heart scales, but what I am to do exactly, I'm unsure; Tolfdir was a bit vague. I understand that concept, that is, I should find a dragon, and use the dagger. I'm fairly competent as biology, so I know I can figure it out, but I am not sure if I need to look for a specific dragon, or if any dragon will do (of which, I've seen very few, save the ones that attack my fortress). Perhaps if I direct my attention to something else, an idea will surface. So, with that in mind, I am here in Riften.

I've just ran into the meaningless bitch Maven. She had the audacity to remind me that I should be in Whiterun. As if her petty business is of any consequence to me. However...she does have pull here in Riften, and would be a good ally, so I guess I should not really raise her ire. Besides, my bag is always in need of good tools! Ha!

Fine. I will go to Whiterun, and then I will find this assassins guild; I cannot start a war without them!

First Seed, 12th, 4E 202

I returned to the Ratway. Delvin gave me a heads up on some numbers work, while Vex pointed me to some more intimate jobs; that is, jobs that involve framing people. That's my kind of work.

Oh, I decided to ask the face sculptor if she wanted to join my guild. I thought that it might be nice to have someone with some masquerade techniques. To my delight, she accepted.

Although I thought it would be good to get assassin training first, I think that the skills offered by the thieves guild will be quite useful. I'm going to follow up on as many jobs that Vex and Delvin have. Delvin is a superstitious man, but...that feeling usually does not come without reason. I'm actually more afraid of non-superstitious people than those that are. They usually make fatal mistakes...Well, it looks like I'm off to implicate someone. But first, I had better find out what Brynolf wants.

I learned a bit of Vex's history today. She was raped by bandits. I had a few of them come on to me when I was a run away, and even let a couple of them have me, but I was never raped. I have a new found respect for Vex today, and a new hatred for bandits. They shall all parish for their vulgar thoughts and actions. All of them. I will try to bring Vex into the fold. But not yet, she is too raw. But.When she is ready, she will be my right hand!

First Seed, 15th, 4E 202

I was out looking for geode deposits today, when I entered into the one of the old Dwemer ruins. It brought me to a large sphere, like the one that the Psijics lead me to before defeating Ancano. This one appears to need a cube of some sort to operate it. I'm not sure what it does, but I'll have to keep my eyes open for one of these Dwemer cubes; I imagine they'll be easy enough to recognize.

I also found another lift to the surface. It leads to a place just outside of Fort Dunstad. While there, I noticed that there were Thalmor there, so I helped them clean up a bit of a bandit infestation before returning back home. My horse is by Mzinchelft, so I need to return there before returning to Solitude.

I've decided to stop in Winterhold before going to Solitude. More of a whim than anything. I've sent a courier to The Deep to tell someone to have my horse sent to Solitude. Hopefully it'll be there when I arrive.

I am very glad that I went to the college. Tolfdir was doing OK, but I could tell already that things were beginning to unravel. I relieved him of the position, and took the title of Arch-Mage myself. Foolish man. He will be doing all the same things as before, just without the title. If it makes him feel better about it, fine.

I have to admit, I rather like the Arch-Mages robes; I didn't think I would. I hung my armor on a mannequin for now. I've also discover that the Arch-Mage has their own private sanctuary. I've place the two dragon priests mask in this room for safe keeping, and will get the third next time I am in The Deep. But, even more important than that is a scrying device. I was able to spy on Ulfric in his chambers! Oh, this will be most useful!!

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