First Seed, 19th, 4E 202

While in the area, I decided to find that Khajit for Olivia. I found him in a cavern at the base of the cliffs by the Thalmor embassy. He was badly injured, and beyond my help. I was able retrieve the notes that Olivia wanted.

I'm currently making my way down the Northeast coast to gather the pages she is looking for. I found one, another is in a small storage area in Windhelm. I risk the docks, but nothing more here. Not yet.

On my way inland to Windhelm, however, I came across two gargoyles! By Mehrunes! What in Oblivion are gargoyles doing here? I was far enough away from them that I was able catch them by surprise. One went down with a well-placed crossbow shot, the other took several. Thank Mehrunes that I have the weapon enchanted!

A harrowing experience!

First Seed, 24th, 4E 202

It's been several days since I've written, although it seems longer. I  have since been able to find and return all of the pages that Olivia was looking for. She was glad to get them and it sounds as if she still has a great deal of work to do before being able to unravel the mysteries of the books. I will keep tabs on her research.

Having a few odds and ends that I wanted to take care of, I was asked to deliver a note from Grom to Aldi here in Solitude. I should have read it, but chose not to. Aldi seemed a bit concerned, but otherwise said nothing. Also, as I am in the area, I went looking for the other pieces of the Gauldur amulet. I found one, nearby, but the final one in far south of here, outside of Riften. I will see if I can find it, nonetheless. 

I really need to return to The Deep, though. I have collected so much stuff that I had to store much of it in the shack where I was confronted by the assassins' guild. 

First Seed, 26th, 4E 202

Currently, I'm writing from the bards college. I will probably take this opportunity to catch up on some reading. 

Even though the library at Winterhold is quite large, I find much of it to be quite dry and difficult to read; but I guess I should not expect anything else, it is a research library first and foremost. The bards on the other hand. Well, here sits a wealth of knowledge, although I wonder how many here truly recognize that? The books here are more than stories, they are historical accounts and legend. All one need do is read between the lines to discover the truth. 

I do enjoy The Deep, but here in Solitude, I must admit, I feel most relaxed. The Deep is dark and cool and soothing, but there I must also reign. Here, however, tucked away in a remote shadowy corner, I can sit for hours on end without the slightest worry of being asked for direction, or being notified of some problem that needs my attention..I do miss Violet, though. What an odd thing to say. 

It will be dark soon, and then I must go. Pity.

First Seed, 28th, 4E 202

I have decided to get rid of this large gem, Meridia's Beacon. She spoke to me! Another prince has contacted me, but this time it is Meridia. She had the audacity to "command" me to destroy a necromancer in her temple. I will search this man out, perhaps we can come to an accord...

Unfortunately, there was no bargaining to be had. As my hand was forced, the necromancer had to die. He created the most incredible shades, however, I will have to return to Meridia's temple in the future to see if any clues where left behind as to how it was accomplished. Or maybe something in the mages college library.

No matter. I retrieved this Dawnbreaker for Meridia and soon after told her I was going to keep it and that she could find another champion. I don't know what came over me to speak to a daedric prince in such a way. She seemed unfazed by my words and now seems to think that I'm going to spread her goodwill by merely using the sword. It is a fine sword, to be sure, but I will shelve it with the others that I find unique. It will be spreading nothing in her name, I assure you of that.

So, I went to the Riften area to retrieve that last piece of Gauldur's amulet. Apparently I've committed some sort of crime. Every guard I pass stops me, wanting to bring me to jail. The first couple of them I was able to talk my way out of it, even though I had no coin on me. However, I cannot continue like this and will need to pay them off, and soon. The last guard that stopped me was about to call for reinforcements when she found out that I didn't have the gold to buy her silence, but a bandit distracted her, and I was able to slip away. I needed to get back home anyway. So, here I am, back at The Deep. I'll be sure to grab some gold before I leave.

The Deep is in good shape, the guards are doing an excellent job. I sent my entourage back to the surface to continue buttering up the holds that surround Eastmarch, except Rinori. She is a misplaced vampire that I found during my last visit to Windhelm. I recruited her right away. Opening her eyes to the atrocities that Windhelm has committed, and still does, I sent her to wreak havoc in Eastmarch. After speaking with her about Windhelm, Ulfric, and the suffering that continues there needlessly, she was eager to go, although I am concerned about her. She refuses to drink, and is frail. I must try to get her to drink, or I fear she may not survive. I guess if that is her fate, so be it. But a vampire among my subjects could be very useful.

Right now, I wait for Violet to complete refining a couple of weapons for me, so I sit in the quiet of the Silver Bear...a stupid name for a tavern down in The Deep, if you ask me, but whatever. I wonder when the others will return? I might wait for them to see how their missions went, I'm especially interested to hear from Rinori..

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