Rain's Hand, 17th, 4E 202

I was hoping to find some time to write while in Falkreath, but the inn was much to noisy and full. 

Finally! I've made contact with the Dark Brotherhood and have entered their lair. It's a secluded place, just outside of Falkreath, and quite cozy. I've also discovered that they have a vampire in their ranks. I'm not surprised, really, but the age was; just a girl when she turned..over 300 years ago! I will see about getting to know her better, perhaps she will be interested in a new direction when the time comes, one that serves Mehrunes. 

I was given a couple small tasks to complete while their leader prepares something larger for me. I will absorb their knowledge like a sponge whilst I can. In the mean time, I have come back to The Deep for some much needed quiet and relaxation. I also have more work for Violet. I told her to study up on daedric smithing, I hope she has made some progress, though I know it it a difficult art to gain proficiency in. But I have faith in her. I also must travel back to Winterhold. I have a new set of armor to hand there. Assassins armor given to me as part of my acceptance into the guild. It's of little use to me, really, but I will display it with honor and pride.

I've also had to craft a new crossbow. My other became unusable during my travels. Very unfortunate, but I at least had a bound bow spell and conjurations to fall back on until I could craft a new one. At any rate, Violet will need to improve it for me. 

My skills with the Chaos Forge is fair, but by no means is it as accomplished as is Violet's with hammer and anvil. I have given the weapon shape, but she with give it might. It will be essential in my success as an assassin. Also, I am beginning to wonder if my current outfit is as practical as I would like to think. It's beautiful, for sure, but it offers little protection, and to be honest, some of the robes I've seen at the college are so gorgeous, well, they make this outfit look less fit for  a queen. I think perhaps it is better served as formal wear for tribute than everyday wear. It would seem that I need no less that three, no four, outfits. One for traveling, one for court, one for sacrificial and special occasions, and one for personal time, for comfort. This last one I have, but the others...I do not know yet. I think that either the arch mage robes or the witches armor with work for every day wear, but will they work for assassin missions? They are so loose. It seems that more form fitting attire would be better; such as the armor given me. But I do like it, there must be something else I can don for such work.. And last, I must have something extraordinary for my court, something fitting of my station...

How can I get so caught up in looks! Yet, it is important. One MUST look the part! ....I must find the appropriate look. Period. 

On a completely different note, I have found a barrow. Volunruud, as the runes indicated, but I did not have time to explore. I will need to look into this ruin when I can as it is not far from Dawnstar.


....it is so good to be home again....

Rain's Hand, 27th, 4E 202

I cannot believe it. I was digging around in my new quarters at the college and I came upon a hidden wall panel. Inside were a couple of strong boxes, one of which had a key and a deed to a place called Caranthir. It's a great Tower that was built prior to my predecessor, I think. I found it West-Southwest of Winterhold, almost straight sound of the lighthouse.

I could actually see it from the college in the distance, but even still, up close, it's a wonder of Skyrim. To say it is immense feels understated. Unfortunately, but not unexpected, it was in complete disrepair. However, I was able to find clues as to who I could contact in order to begin bringing it back to its former glory. There is an elf in Solitude by the name of Meriana. She was part of the original construction detail and was able to help me repair and furnish the Tower. It took quite a bit of gold, and several months. Thankfully the contacts I have in Dawnstar helped speed up the process. For the whole of the Tower was built using Dwemer technology and architecture, the same as can be found in The Deep.

 Best of all, this Tower was built with portals to each of the cities, including the college itself. And on top of that, I found within a new spell that will allow me to teleport myself directly to the Tower! This will be invaluable! When I get the chance, I may be able to dissect this spell and create a new one of my own that will let me teleport directly to my quarters in the college. Now that would be something!

The best part is, I can use the Deep to train my shock troops, while the Tower will allow me to train a generation of mages..without interruption! There is space for several apprentices. I will hand pick them and they will lead the lesser recruits from the college, as well as the troops from The Deep. It is starting to come together.

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