Chapter 10 – The Price of Success
Part 2: Broken Threads and a Bloodline's Allure

After the men were securely locked up, Ienarath went to one of the common rooms to relax. Many came to hear how she managed to capture the men. Even The Caller came to listen. The Caller rarely mingled with the other mages outside of business affairs, so there was a certain tension, but also an excitement in the air.

“But,” Ienarath said, as she concluded her tale, “I still have the better part of a week, so I shall continue early tomorrow to find others.”

“That will not be necessary,” came The Callers voice from the back of the room. The room went quiet and everyone turned to look at her; she continued. “The four specimens that you have delivered will be more than enough for now. Besides, we haven’t storage for any more. You’ve done well, Ienarath.” And with that, The Caller stood and left the room. As she did, she passed by a small group huddled by the exit; it was Sifkni, Fellgrim and Rolgbi. After The Caller was out of the room they each looked at each other, and then towards Ienarath. Wearing dark brooding expressions, they left.

In the following months, and by her 19th birthday, Ienarath had severed her ties with all of her mentors. She was also given more to do by The Caller, which caused some to begin looking up to her, while others became somewhat intimidated, if not threatened. To her surprise, one of those that became threatened by the increased attention from The Caller was Celeste.

Celeste began to avoid her and keep her experiments secret. In their quarters, she all but stopped speaking to Ienarath. At first, Ienarath tried to rekindle what she thought was a friendship, but soon realized that doing so was wasted effort. It was unfortunate, but Ienarath decided that she couldn’t dwell on it; that her own development was more important than trying to keep the fragile threads of a relationship from breaking. And so she let them break.


Ienarath continued to excel in the coven. By this time, it had been almost five years since she first arrived and she was becoming restless. Unable to find any more volumes, she had read, and reread, the Mythic Dawn Commentaries so many times now that the binding was beginning to break. She was able to find a few more books about the Dunmer, however, and began to daydream about a day when she might visit Morrowind. How strange the thought was to her to be in a land surrounded by her own kind. Maybe she could even find out about House Ienarath, the house she was named after! She remembered the stories that her Aunt used to tell, but she was young then and the stories were beginning to fade from memory; she longed to rekindle those memories and live them for herself. As she sat contemplating her Dunmer House, the Mythic Dawn and Mehrunes Dagon, her reverie was broken when Andromeda came in. 

“Oh, hi Andromeda,” she said cordially. “You look like you’ve just come back from a trip.”

“Hi, Ienarath. Going, actually,” replied Andromeda. “The Caller has asked me to meet her and Celeste in Dawnstar.”

“Dawnstar? What’s going on in Dawnstar, if I may ask.”

“Well, I don’t have a lot of details, but I believe it has to do with the assassins guild. The Caller is to fill me in when I get there.”

“I see. When do you leave?” Ienarath prodded.
With a heavy sigh, Andromeda answered, “Yesterday! I am running so late! I hope I can make up the time on the road or The Caller will be...well, she won’t be happy.”

“In that case, I’ll leave you be,” replied Ienarath, “unless you need help with something, of course.”

“No, no, I’m fine. I was just double checking that I hadn’t forgotten anything.” Looking around, seemingly satisfied that she finally had everything she needed, she waved goodbye and left. Ienarath sank back into her thoughts.

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