Chapter 11 - Exile
Part 1: Aftermath

In the days that followed the attack, Ienarath kept to herself, avoiding Fellgrim, Sifkni, and Rolgbi at all cost. No longer feeling safe in her room, she spent almost all of her time in the largest common room. She felt exposed in the large open area but decided that there was greater safety there, surrounded by others, then in a smaller out of the way room that could be locked. Regardless, even when others were around, she felt alone.

Ienarath remained on edge and barely slept over the weeks prior to Andromeda, Celsete, and The Caller’s return. She also found it difficult to concentrate on anything and ruined more than one concoction because of her lack of focus.

“Ienarath!” Came the voice of Andromeda, one day not long after her return from Dawnstar. Ienarath happen to be in the quarters fetching some books and ingredients. It was only the second time since that night that she had gone into the room; the first was the day after to clean up and gather some of her things.

Ienarath jumped, knocking a cup of tea over that she had just set down. “Andromeda! You scared me.”

Laughing a bit, Andromeda continued, “I’m sorry, Ienarath, I assumed you heard me come in.”

“It would seem that I can’t hear anything that comes through that door…” Ienarath said quietly to herself, but still loud enough for Andromeda to hear.

“Hmm?” Andromeda sounded, looking at Ienarath with a curious look.

“Oh, nothing,” replied Ienarath, in a distant voice.

“Are you OK?” She asked, noticing how tense Ienarath was. “I barely see you any more, and you haven’t stayed a night with us since we’ve come back. I know you and Celeste haven’t been getting along, but I didn’t think that it was that bad.”

“It’s not Celeste.” Ienarath replied. “It’s...just...nothing.” Ienarath’s voiced trailed off as images of that night flashed before her. “It’s nothing, Celeste. I’m sorry. Andromeda.”

“Are you sure?” Andromeda ask with genuine concern.

“Yes,” was all Ienarath could say, turning quickly so that Andromeda would not see her eyes begin to mist over.

“Dammit!” Ienarath swore to herself after leaving the room, her arms full of pungent herbs and dried flowers. “This is ridiculous. I cannot let them win. I will not,” she continued to herself as she walked. “I can’t take this anymore, I can’t live like this. I need to get out.” But, getting out of the coven was not as easy as getting in. It was made quite clear early on by The Caller that at Fellglow, once a member, forever a member. From that moment on, Ienarath detached herself completely from everyone and began prepping for her escape.

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