Chapter 11 - Exile
Part 2: Preparation

Over the next month Ienarath began taking note of everyones daily routine. As she sat in the main common room late one night, pouring over her notes, she came to the conclusion that, “Damn! This is going to be difficult. I’ll be lucky to get a 2 minute window without anyone seeing me.” Then, as she began to piece all her information together, she laughed a bit, “Ha, she is a crafty one, if nothing else, isn’t she?” Ienarath said, referring to The Caller. “She has everyone on such a schedule that the overlap is not only obscure, but very thorough. And the most brilliant part is that nobody can see it, they all think that they are moving about freely. We’re all monitoring each other for her, and we don’t even know it. Everyone is so afraid that The Caller is somehow watching them that they can’t see that she isn’t doing shit...bravo, Caller, bravo. Cunning? Yes. Visionary? My ass!”

The truth of it was that Ienarath was correct. The Caller did, in fact, have a very elaborate system in place that allowed her to keep tabs on everyone in the Keep, without actually keeping tabs on anyone. She would pop up at seemingly random times and would give various tasks to do, but, as Ienarath discovered, there was a pattern. It seemed like an exhausting amount of effort to Ienarath, but she did have to admit; it was effective.

Along with her observations, Ienarath began stockpiling supplies. She had located a storeroom that was near the entrance and was used frequently enough so as not to arouse suspicion, but not so often that it would be impossible to sneak items into. Over the course of several days, she created a hiding place inside.

Certain items were easy to acquire, such as alchemy ingredients. Books were a little trickier, as many of them were considered ‘communal’, and would be noticed if missing for too long; for those titles, Ienarath made a mental note to gather them shortly before her departure. Food, in general, was easy to get a hold of, too; preserved food, on the other hand, was not.

At last the time came, and when she thought that she was ready, Ienarath looked over her options one more time. “Ok, so, if I have this right, I should be able to come down at around two in the morning. That will leave the main corridors empty, except for the main floor, which will have two people patrolling. I’ll have to time it right if I want to get my supplies, and then out the door. The lower levels seem to always have someone in them, so I can’t go that way.” With a sigh, she steeled herself and set out to pack her things - she would leave that night.

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