Chapter 2 – A New Life
Part 1: Home

Letting themselves into the building, Velroth looked around in the dark, squinting as he searched for anything useful. “Pretty barren.” He said. “Aha.” Came Silas’ voice. “A candle. Not much left of it,” as he examined the wax stub melted into a small chipped wooden bowl, “but should be enough to begin getting settled in for the night. Azurine, why don’t you take this and help Nehrine get comfortable. Just a moment, I know I have some flint in here somewhere.” Suddenly, the room was aglow with a soft blueish white light. “Really.” Said Nehrine, in a playfully scolding tone. “Fumbling in the dark for flint and candles.”

Chuckling as he looked up at the conjured glowing ball of light hovering over them, Velroth put his arms around Nehrine from behind and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. “What would I do without you.” Letting go, he continued, “But, we need wood, or coal, or something we can burn for heat. Silas, are you up for visiting this Sadri character to see what he has?” But, before he could answer, Azurine spoke up with a smile on her face, “Yes he is! And the sooner you two get out of here, the sooner Nehrine and I can actually get something done!” 

“What?” Asked Silas, looking up from the table where he had been busily scattering the contents of a pack.

“Go!” Said Nehrine. “Before you make an even bigger mess!”

Slapping Velroth on the shoulder, “I think perhaps we should go.” The two men left, smiling.

The walk was short, and within minutes they were opening the door to Sadri’s. “Ah, welcome.” Said a voice. His accent brought them back to Morrowind, and was a comforting sound. “How can I be of assistance?” Then, as if noticing for the first time, he continued, “Well, well, you’re new here, aren’t you? I know every Dunmer in Windhelm, and I have definitely not seen your faces before.”

“Good evening, sera.” Said Silas. “You are correct, we have only just landed, but a few hours ago. I am Hlethlon, Silas, and this is Volytun, Velroth. We’ve been put up in the building just down and across from you. We came here for supplies to get us through the night. I hope you can help.”

“Excellent, excellent! I am Sadri, and of course I can help! What is it that you are looking for?”

“Wood for a fire. Torches or candles. An oil lamp and oil, if not too expensive.” Replied Velroth. “Maybe blankets, too.” He added. 

Sadri began getting things together for them, chattering all the while. Much was impossible to understand as he went from one end of the store to the other. In the end, he was able to find all that they needed, and after some negotiation, Velroth and Silas left with arms full. The night passed in relative comfort. And with a fresh start to the day, they could now make a better appraisal of their new home. 

It was smaller than they would have liked, but it did have two bedrooms, which was, in all honesty, more than they expected. The central common room was tight, but had space for all they needed; a fireplace with a cooking rack, although from the looks of it, they would need a new cooking pot. Fortunately, Sadri had talked Velroth and Salis into purchasing one the night before. There was a square table in the corner that the four of them could sit around, but again, there was some work to do here as well; one chair had a broken back, and the table was very wobbly. 

The bedrooms were about as sparse as the common room, but fortunately, the bed-frames were in excellent condition, only the mattresses needed some stuffing. And finally, because of the location, the dwelling only had one window. It was in front, next to the door, and filthy; reminiscent of the window in the processing office at the docks. But, like the bed-frames, it was intact, so all it really needed was a good cleaning.

After a small breakfast, Velroth announced that he was going to find out who to talk to about work. Silas nodded in agreement. The two left shortly after, but before they left, Azurine called out, “Silas, before you go, we’ll need more wood, and I’m afraid the grate in this fire pit is all but useless.”

“Wood is easy, but our coins are running out quickly. I’m not sure we can replace the grate yet, but I’ll see what I can do. If we were back home, I’d make one..”



“We are home.”


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