Chapter 3 – Newborn
Part 1: A Place to Sit

In the coming days and weeks, Velroth settled into his duties on the dock and among the Frosty Breath. As both crew and captain alike began to accept him, they also were able to begin catching up on their quotas. As such, this eased the burden on Ingnar, which in turn made life better for all. 

“You’re home early,” said Nehrine, as Velroth came in through the door.

“Yeah. Slow day on the docks. Captain said I could go once I finished straightening the lines.” Replied Velroth, a hint of concern in his voice. “Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.”

“Always the pessimist, aren’t you?” Teased Nehrine. 


“Hmpf. Anyway, it’s good you’re here, I need help arranging the bedroom. Azurine was able to get a rocking chair, and I need a place for it.”

“Where did she get that?”

“Selphus was getting rid of it.” 

Selphus was an aging single Dunmer and one of the Quarter’s longest standing residents, and always seemed to be giving something away. Nobody knew exactly where he kept all of his things, but he seemed to haul something out of his home weekly, sometimes twice a week even, offering it up before taking it to market to try and sell.

“Seriously?” Questioned Velroth. “His home cannot possibly be any bigger than ours. Where does he get all that junk?” 

“I have no idea, Velroth, but I do know that at least one piece of that *junk* will help us put our new baby to bed,” replied Nehrine. “Now, I need to have the bed moved.”

Just then, Silas burst through the door, “Azurine, Azurine!?”

“Silas, what is it?” Asked Nehrine, with great concern, rushing out from the bedroom.

“Where is Azurine? I have good news!”

“She is at the White Phial this afternoon, have you forgotten? What is it?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. Haha, I found work! At the stables for Ulundil. Finally!” Silas exclaimed.

“Oh, Silas, that’s wonderful! I know Azurine will be so happy for you!” Replied Nehrine.

“Oh!” Cried Nehrine, just then.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Velroth.

“The baby. I think I had better sit down.”

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