Chapter 3 – Newborn
Part 3: A Mother’s Line

Velroth spent the weeks following his wife’s death devoid of all expression. He spoke very little, and ate even less. Azurine was becoming concerned.

“Silas, you need to speak to him. Look at him, he’s nothing but skin and bones.”

“I have,” replied Silas, “he won’t listen. He’s just lost his wife, Azurine, he needs time.”

“Dammit!” Exclaimed Azurine, slamming a wooden spoon down on the table. “She was my sister, Silas, or have you forgotten?! Where’s my time, Silas? Where? I’ve done nothing but care for that child since her birth because he’s too damned deep in his own self-pity! For Azura’s sake, he hasn’t even named the child. I can’t do it any more, Silas, I can’t! I won’t!” Silas stood in front her, staring at the floor. He had nothing to say. Just then, they heard the door shut. Standing there was Velroth.

“I’m sorry, Azurine,” he said, his voice full of sorrow. “Where is she?”

“Sleeping.” Replied Azurine, her tone low with a mixture of embarrassment and fatigue.

Without another word, Velroth left the common room and went to the room where his daughter lay sleeping. Gently, he picked her up and cradled her in his arms. Sitting down in the rocking chair, he kissed her forehead, noticing for the first time her tiny features. “I think you’re going to have your mother’s hair,” he whispered, tears welling up in his eyes, “you certainly have her nose.” He quickly wiped them dry, sniffed, and declared, “Ienarath. You will be called Ienarath; for your mother’s line. Ienarath was her family’s surname, you know, but I think it makes a fine first name. She had a great-great grandmother that was a powerful enchantress,” he continued. “I believe she even sat on the Ienarath family council, too. I’m sure your Aunt Azurine will be happy to tell you all about it, when you’re older…”
Velroth held Ienarath close, as his thoughts trailed off. As they did, his eyes closed, exhaustion finally catching up with him.

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