Chapter 4 – Darkwater Rising
Part 2: Tragedy at the Docks

It was a mild spring evening when the Frosty Breath pulled into the harbor. 

“Velroth, it’s time to go home.” Said Sven when he noticed Velroth still on the boat.

“I know, I know, but I wanted to get some of this gear switched out for tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sven replied, “We can take care of it in the morning.”

“I still have 30 minutes of daylight,” answered Velroth, “and I’d guess I’d rather use it now, than in the morning. I won’t be long.”

“Alright. See you in the morning.” With that, Sven made his way home. 

Velroth continued working, not noticing how quiet the docks had become. Just past sunset, he stepped off the boat, grabbing a lantern as he did. As he began walking to shore, he noticed two men walking towards him, one with a noticeable limp and using a cane. The three of them met about halfway down the dock.

“Gentlemen.” Said Velroth as made a move to the side. But as he did, the man with the cane moved in front of him. Distracted, Velroth hadn’t noticed that the other man had stepped slightly behind him. “Can I help you?” Asked Velroth.

“I think you’ve helped plenty.” Said the Nord. Velroth looked at him curiously. The Nord smiled thinly. It was the last thing Velroth ever saw.

After a worrisome night, news made its way back to Azurine and Silas early the next morning; Velroth was dead.

“What?!” Asked Silas in disbelief. Sven continued, “We found him tangled up in a net in the water. Looks like one of the riggings broke loose and caught him on the back of the head. Knocked him out and then into the water where he drowned. I’m sorry. A couple of the others are bringing his body up. They should be here shortly.”

With his head low, Sven left Silas and Azurine. As he did, he passed the crewmen carrying Velroth’s body. Saying nothing, he simply pointed to the house and kept walking.

“Azurine, go keep Ienarath occupied, I’ll have him brought to Sadri’s, then we can begin to figure out funeral arrangements…
…and how to tell the girl.”

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