Chapter 5 – A Penchant For Potions
Part 2: A Dark Shadow

A year passed and Ienarath was now 12. 

“And then I discovered that if you added a poultice of crushed nightshade, it turns from a sleeping drought to a deadly poison.” Ienarath said with obvious pride.

“Well, my dear, I’m impressed with your ability to deduce these different combinations, but why do you always seem to find the more sinister aspects? I mean just yesterday you were doting over a potion so corrosive that it melted through your brewing pot; which, by the way, still needs to be replaced. I expect you will be working the cost off, young lady.”

“Oh, auntie, you worry too much,” Ienarath replied, "and, I know, I have enough saved up that next time I do some work for Sadri, I'll be able to pay you back.”

“Yes, well, it's very much appreciated,” replied Azurine, some concern creeping into her voice. 

Later that night, Ienarath had just opened the door of her room and was about to step out when she overheard her aunt talking to her uncle. "I'm telling you, Silas, the girl is starting to trouble me. I'm not sure if I should continue."

"Weren't you just saying how impressed you were with her? How quickly she was catching on?" Replied Silas.

"That was a year ago, Silas. And yes, I was. But something has changed...something has changed..." the woman's voice trailed off in quiet contemplation.

Ienarath listened intently for a short while longer before quietly moving back into the shadows and retreating to her room, a dark, angry look flickering across her face.

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