Chapter 8 – Fellglow Keep
Part 2: A Familiar Face

Ienarath slowly opened her eyes. The room was dark with only the warm glow of flickering candles for light. Through half open eyes she watched the shadows dance across the ceiling and stone walls before falling fast asleep once more.

A while later she woke again, this time to the sounds of rustling around her, and that’s when she noticed the smells. She suddenly sat upright, panting. “No!” she yelled, her voice echoing all around her. She looked to her right as a woman in robes came running over to her. “It’s OK, child, you’re safe.” Said the woman soothingly as she sat down next to Ienarath on the bed. Gently placing her hand on the back of Ienarath’s head, she pulled her in close to her chest and began to rock slowly back and forth. “It’s OK, it’s OK.” She repeated.

“The White Phial. Why am I back at The White Phial?” Ienarath said in a distant voice, her eyes staring, unfocused, at some unknown point.

With the gentle sound of amusement in her voice, and a warm smile on her face, the woman gently pushed Ienarath back so as to look at her directly, “The White Phial? Oh, dear, we are a long ways from The White Phial.”

As if splashed with cold water, Ienarath suddenly became aware of her surroundings. She looked at the woman and then with amazement on her face and excitement in her voice, she said, “You!” The woman simply smiled.

“You were there that night.” Ienarath went on, “it was you who gave me those books. Wasn’t it?” She continued. “I made it! This is Fellglow, isn’t it? I made it, didn’t I?!”

“Shhh, shh, shh,” the woman said, calming her. And with a smile she added, “yes, dear, you made it.”

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